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Nibbles by Someguyfromcrowd Nibbles :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 5 1 Have You a Moment? by Someguyfromcrowd Have You a Moment? :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 2 1 Claws Out by Someguyfromcrowd Claws Out :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 0 0
Sacred Forest Audition: Epilogue
So that’s how it all began.
Two kids up against a world of hurt.
To be honest, I didn't think they'd do it. Rei- well, she's a tough girl, but she knows her limits.
Guess she's really burning to see again.
Can't blame her.
She's strong. Doesn't matter that her bones are weak and her skin is cut and her eyes are no good.
She's got spirit. If this tunnel's got an end, she's gonna' find it.
And as long as she's got Sam at her side, they're gonna' be alright.
Yeah, that's right.
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 3 4
Sacred Forest Audition: Page Three
Rei let out her breath.
“It’s safe,” she said.
Sam crawled out from beneath his blanket, trembling with cold and fear in equal measure. He raced to Rei’s side and seized hold of her arm.
“It’s okay,” she whispered as she wrapped her free arm around his narrow shoulders. “It’s gone now.”
Sam just held on tighter.
“It’s still here,” he whimpered.
Rei peered about, but saw no sign of the creature.
“There’s nothing here,” she said.
Sam gestured wildly at the forest. Rei turned and approached where he pointed. As she drew near, she noticed Dercas standing among the dark trees. The creature was not of flesh and bone, though, for no life radiated from within. It watched them with cold, unblinking eyes.
“It’s not real,” Rei whispered. “Don’t worry.”
Rei stepped closer. The phantom blinked away abruptly, reappearing behind a tangle of drooping branches ten feet off
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 4 0
Sacred Forest Audition: Page Two
The dire fox drew near. Eye-light markings adorned its hind legs. An unfathomable look filled its gaze.
Rei couldn’t see any of this, to tell the truth.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“Drop your blade,” spoke the fox. Its very voice shook the earth beneath Rei’s feet.
She let the notched dagger slip from her bony hands.
“What brings you to my domain, child?” asked the creature. It tilted its massive head ever so slightly to the side.
“We’re- we’re lost,” said Rei.
The clouds broke, casting silver moonlight across Rei’s face.
“You’re of my kind, no?” purred the fox. “I am Dercas, protector of these hallowed lands.”
“I’m- I’m Rei,” said the girl.
“And your friend?”
Rei shivered. Her brother was hidden from sight.
“Sam,” she said.
The leaves rustled as Dercas stepped into the clearing. Her many eyes caught the moon’s light, glittering
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 3 0
Sacred Forest Audition: Page One
Through the dark forest stole twin silhouettes.
They wove through knotted roots and drooping branches, clutching each other’s frail hands ever so tightly.
The woods buzzed like an eager crowd.
The taller of the two lead the way. She navigated the darkness with surprising ease, scrambling over fallen logs and picking her way through dense brambles.
A small clearing opened up before them as the canopy parted like curtains. The two figures stepped out into the moonlight. They had the features of foxes, but stood like children.
“Can we stop for a bit, Rei?” asked the shorter of the pair.
“I guess,” said the girl.
They sat down on the mossy earth, resting their weary limbs. Hunger gnawed at their bellies, but the worn leather pack over Rei’s shoulders looked awfully empty. It had nothing left but a mangy wool blanket from a bed they’d long fled, a torn-up map for a place they’d long left, and a worn brass key for a door they’d long opene
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 4 7
Sacred Forest Audition: Prologue
Got the time for a tale?
Now listen. This here’s a story about two kids.
Nobody should have to go through what they did.
Poor things.
They've been on the run for a long time. They'd try to find their way home, but nobody wants them there. They'd try to find their friends, but they ain't got none anymore. They'd go back there, but that'd be madness.
They've got nothing at all, to tell the truth. Life’s beaten them senseless and left them to die.
All they’ve got left is each other.
Seems like nothing can break their spirits.
But still, I’ve got to wonder- are they ever gonna' find the light at the end of the tunnel?
To tell the truth, some just never end. They just go on forever and ever.
Doesn't matter how tough your spirit is if you're never gonna' make it out.
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 4 2
The Sideshow Siblings: Rei and Sam by Someguyfromcrowd The Sideshow Siblings: Rei and Sam :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 4 14
Shipping: The Adventure
Avonna was looking at a soda machine when Familiar appeared out of nothing much.
"Avonna we're not being soda."
Avonna punched the coke box. It loosed an inaudible scream of torment and fury.
"But Avonna™ we don't have any money because you spent it all on high quality imported European cheeses next week."
"Why should the focus of our discussion be upon coin, the source of most, if not all, societal evils? Should we not instead consider the grand benefits of the acquisition of a cylindrical device which contains a measured quantity of caramel-colored flavored beverage?"
Juts then the Pepsi cube turned into the Thief and he laughed before running away.
"Oh no," said Familiar.
Avonna kicked the wall behind where the sprite rectangle was in half with her forehead and sat down on the ceiling. She rubbed her nose. The ceiling smelled like fruit salad and cabbagewich sandwiches.
"AVONNA AVONNA AVONNA!" shouted Familiar with excite.
"We have to make out now."
But Avonna
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 2 2
Again With The Flowers by Someguyfromcrowd Again With The Flowers :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 3 2 Blue Flower At Night by Someguyfromcrowd Blue Flower At Night :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 3 2
LaF Round One: The End
Aeja sits at her desk
by the light
of a new candle.
She files her blade
against a whetstone,
pausing from time to time
to examine its edge.
A cloth wraps her wounded leg,
but her cheek goes unbandaged.
She lays down her tools,
turning to the open pages
of her leather-bound book.
Too deformed to call,
she writes.
Likely cause:
damaged vocal cords.
Physical injury?
Must exercise more caution.
Can't damage the subject.

She holds the pen in place
as she tries to think.
The ink spreads out into a blot
much to her frustration.
Find better writing tools,
she scribbles in the margin
writing just below more-
Recover sword
Fix the grate

She glances to her right,
noticing a smear of blood
upon the stove's front face.
The rest of the floor is clean-
clean is good, after all-
although the faint scent of death
hovers in the still, dank air.
Haydn's corpse, still mostly intact,
lies at the bottom of the stairs.
No longer bleeding, he simply lies
as if in a deep,
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 1 5
Mature content
LaF Round One: Page Eleven :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 1 4
LaF Round One: Page Ten
goes the heart.
beats the drum.
Aeja stares at Haydn,
uncertain of what to do.
To enter the hall
would expose her
for all her vile, vile ways.
But to stay and hide
would delay the inevitable-
the end of her guise of innocence.
She opens the door
and steps into the hall,
walking slowly-
moving at a crawl.
Haydn's flame-scorched arm
lies clenched in her grip.
Paleness taints his fingers-
from them, blood does drip.
Into the stairs she goes
passing by smears of gore
torn bits of mangy brown fur
and things terrible ten times more.
Each step passes with a dull thud
and the wet dripping of blood,
leaving stains of crimson
that stick like mud.
An uproar greets her
as she pushes open the door.
A struggling pair of creatures
wrestle upon the floor.
Others flee and hide
from foes too great in might
to dare challenge,
let alone to stand and fight.
Through the chaos she walks,
her eyes darting about
in search of the thief of thieves.
Haydn groans softly,
:iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 1 5
Mature content
LaF Round One: Page Nine :iconsomeguyfromcrowd:Someguyfromcrowd 2 6

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Things fall apart real quick.

First off: :iconcloudbat: :iconreverendaspen: :iconcorvusraven: - you are all amazing people and have my deepest thanks. You carried on where I failed. I couldn't have asked for a better lot.

But that ain't enough to fix what's left undone.

I've not been depressed or sad or angry or lonely. If anything, I've been doing pretty well for someone weathering college.

I've just been- what's the word- distant? Afraid to take the first step to a return?

Yeah, that's the word.

In hindsight, I oughta' have seen this coming. I become frightened of my own failures right quick, and it's all too easy to get stuck in one of those vicious cycles. I had a few chances to break out, but I didn't take 'em.

I've been on and off of Skype, checking in every few days but not having the willpower to make some noise. Then I hopped on today to see that those three fellows up there- Cloudbat, Aspen, and Corvus- had finished judging for the final round of Tourist Trap.

I'm proud of them.

Now I want to be proud of myself again.

It's been a while since I've done any proper writing. I've not been keeping up with the NaNos and my characters have gone dead silent. The real shame is how I kept saying I'd put an end to it. Every time I did, it didn't last long. Guess I never really made a big enough deal of it to make it stick.

Well, this's one way to do it, I suppose. No turning back.

I'm going to try and dust off a story or two. I don't think I'll be returning to OCTs any time soon- bad memories soured with time aren't going to turn sweet.

Can't just leave 'em either, though. It's a real quandary.

This is where most people would say they ain't looking for sympathy, but even that's become a cliché of those who're fishing for compliments. So I suppose I'll just ride the waves and fight the ocean- face the music and then make things better.

Beats doing nothing.


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I am a person who has possesses a fondness for writing, music, and whatnot. Pleased to meet you.

(a.k.a. <Witty Name>)

Skype: Someguyfromcrowd
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