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Judge of Hell: Radamantis (fan art) by someguy231 Judge of Hell: Radamantis (fan art) by someguy231
When I saw this character made by :iconbluestrikerbomber: ( original drawing here: bluestrikerbomber.deviantart.c… ), I wanted to put a bit more into him, since he was only drawn ONCE. So, with permission from Blue, I decided to give him a boigraphy and a few details here and there. Oh, and the main reason why I would ask for permission to draw other people's shit is because some people get all antsy about that shit and I don't want to be called out for plagiarism; that gets people into serious fucking trouble. But, back to the point, here's his BIO:

A former king of Crete, Radamantis was one of the Wise kings of Crete in Greek Mythology. It for this reason that when he died, Lucifer decided to make him a judge for the damned, alongside Minos and Aeacus.  Because there are three judges of the damned, Minos judges those for the first third of hell, Radamantis judges those for the second third of Hell, and Aeacus judges those for the last third of Hell. Radamantis Mainly judges the greedy and prideful and sometimes would personally punish those he saw as unworthy to him. Not much of a judge himself, he would leave judging the damned to Minos and Aeacus, and most likely would be out in combat; his scars and battle worn armour are known to show that. Other than playing a big role in both Crete's and Hell's major battles, he was also known for following a strict code of law. It is for this code that caused him to believe that everything must be done in an orderly way, causing Radamantis to have conflicts with certain demons (eg: Kyouki). Being a Demigod (son of Zeus and Europa), Radamantis is known for his superhuman like strength, and is known to be a strategic leader in the front line. His major weakness however is his arrogance and overconfidence, which many blame for his humiliating defeat to Minos over the throne of Crete. Since that day, he vowed to achieve victory, no matter what the cost may be. This later caused Radamantis to have his left eye severely damaged; now only capable of seeing through one eye. Being a swordsman, Radamantis is usually seen using his ultra-greatsword, along with channeling dark magic (the same type of dark magic used by Yami) when in combat, making him a very formidable foe to fight against.

--BIO ends here--

Basic info:

Height: 13'5" (4.10 m) (without armour); 14'0" (4.27 m) (with armour)

Weight: 932 lbs (422 kg) (without armour); 1256 lbs (569 kg) (with armour)

FINALLY! I'm fucking finished with this drawing. And if you're wondering, I loosely based his BIO off of the real mythology of Rhadamanthus (Radamantis is the Spanish spelling of his name), which is here:…
I just changed up a few details here and their. Speaking of details, Radamantis has a cape in the original drawing done by BlueStriker, but I got lazy and didn't want to draw that for I had a majority of the lineart done when I was near completion. Also, the whole blind from his left eye deal was a last minute thing for I kinda fucked up on his left eye, but I decided to roll with it then erase and fix his entire fucking face. Also, in case you're wondering (<- I say the a lot for some reason), that stuff in his right hand is supposed to be dark magic. Oh, and this goes to Blue, if you do put this on your website, keep me anonymous. There is nothing to really see here on my DA account.
Knowing that Radamantis is a judge of the damned, his theme is "...And Justice For All" by Metallica:…

Drawing by me, also belongs to me

Radamantis, as seen here, belongs to :iconbluestrikerbomber:

Also, it took me awhile because I wanted to get almost every detail down. And that's another thing I do when drawing another character that's not mine. I want to get the details done right because if it were my character, I could fuck it up, but if I'm drawing someone else's character and fuck up (unless I downright fucking hate them), then they get pissed, and I look like an asshole when I don't to be one. Hope you enjoy it Blue.
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