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Such immense levels of perfection are priceless. So we give you the highest price the site allows, even though such an amount does not cover the amount of beauty possessed by Hefeuhefeuhefeui.
Colors but shaded
or, you know, a decently finished image
We could make a dare out of this.
Lines but SHADED
Wait what even would be the purpose of this if you do not have access to a layered image editing tool though?
Fill bucket here we come!
I will draw Hefeuhefeuhefeui. It is so beautiful and everyone deserves one, thus I give you a very very low price so that you can experience the magic of Hefeuhefeuhefeui.

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Uhh I do stuff, draw things I find cute or interesting and design too many characters for my own good.

I also take commissions, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

My friend code is SW-2559-9819-572 [Vitoto(SF)]
Tumblr is
also Twitter is but I don't use it much.


100 FantaCs - Metallie
Metallie (shiny alchemist)

• Lives along the path to Laidees from Zekonwan.
• Works as an alchemist.
• She was originally made of nickel, but has managed to transmutate a bit of herself into gold.
    • She's tried to complete the transmutation, but she forgot how she did it.

• Is really heavy, could deal a lot of damage when dropping on someone.
    • She's also very durable and can be used as a human shield.
• She practices alchemy and is pretty good at it.
• Has a lot of knowledge about metals in general.


Today I went to the famous laboratory of Metallie, arguably the best alchemist in the land. She even managed to turn herself into gold!... partially. Only most of her hair metal and a bit of her face. It moves gracefully, like human hair, yet is solid metal... I wonder how she does that.

Her transmutation to gold, apparently, caused a shockwave which destroyed most of her notes. She admits to have terrible memory and, being dazzled and confused, forgot how she got to transmute herself. She has a couple of leads, but nothing conclusive yet.

The laboratory competes with another one further along the road, which is run by Metallie's sister. It's not as popular, but it's still interesting.


I followed Marie to a laboratory. We met a girl made of nickel, but she was partially gold too! Science is amazing!

She apparently made herself a metal dress to go with her metal self. She must really like being metal.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character thing
Doodles of this thing. This is just what characters I'd like from each series. Below's the name list.

1. Yamamura (Super Mario Maker)
2. Pauline (Donkey Kong)
3. Tingle (The Leyend of Zelda: Mayora's Mask)
4. Baby (Metroid II: Return of Samus)
5. Poochy & Poochy Pups (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island / Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World)
6. Adeleine (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
7. Slippy Toad (Star Fox)
8. Dunsparce (Pokémon Gold & Silver)
9. Lloyd (EarthBound Beginnings)
10. Octoman (F-Zero X)
11. Alice (Balloon Kid)
12. Sharena (Fire Emblem Heroes)
13. Girl and Dog (Kid Icarus Uprising)
14. 9-Volt (WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!)
15. Cardboard Box (Metal Gear)
16. Big the Cat (Sonic Adventure)
17. Louie (Pikmin 2)
18. Bob (Animal Crossing)
19. Roll (Mega Man)
20. Sebastian Tute (Wii Music)
21. King Hippo (Punch-Out!! 1987)
22. Miru (PAC & PAL)
23. Sharla (Xenoblade Chronicles)
24. Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter Alpha)
25. White Mage (Final Fantasy)
26. Chain Chomp (Bayonetta 2 / Super Mario Bros. 3)
27. Jellyfish (Splatoon)
28. Kid Dracula (Kid Dracula)
29. Fighting Polygon (Super Smash Bros.)
30. Tibby (Rhythm Heaven)
100 FantaCs - Holly
Holly (really good at mind games)

• Lives along the path to Laidees from Zekonwan.
• This stylish girl lacks a face... or head in general.
    • In place of these, she has a hole that goes all the way through her hair.
        • All her face functions somehow still exist.

• Has the offensive capabilities of any human being.
• Can't recieve head damage, since she has no head.
• Doesn't require food, water or air.
• Rumored to be able to make holes in walls by just putting her head through them.


Holly lives a day or so away from Zekonwan and is a merchant. The first thing you'll notice about her is her distinctive lack of head. I first assumed it was just invisible but it turns out she is the cursed form of a hole. No clue to what kind of hole, but it's probably a hole in the ground or something.

Her lack of facial expression is balanced out by her overly dramatic personality which she aknowledges having. She sometimes uses her hollow head to hold things like a shelf, but is usually insulted when other people try to do that. Kids in particular sometimes throw things to see if they can pass through her. She does NOT like this. At all.

Holly is the mother of a boy and a girl, who have not inherited any hole-ish aspects from their mother. The children of a cursed object are a rarely talked-about subject.

Lepisava, as promised, started following me, mostly on foot. She's really small, though, so she ran most of the way. She is carrying a butterfly-sized book. I think it's a diary?


Today's my first day following Maria on her quest to write about all of the cursed objects in the land! I've been bored for months, just flying around with no purpose. At least now I have something to do!

Speaking of which, I tried walking most of the way, as opposed to splitting up and fluttering to my destination. I really need to work out my leg antennae more!

Maria seems to keep a journal, as I do. I wonder what she writes on it.
100 FantaCs - Foldie
Foldie (folding screen girl)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• Manifests herself as an orange-haired girl, but her true form is the entire folding screen.
• Can open and close herself to edit aspects such as her background or give herself a complete makeover.
• If someone tears a hole in her, her girl form can go out. However, she's even thinner than your regular paper girl, so movement is clumsy and ineffective.

• No offensive value whatsoever.
• Usually stable when opened.
    • Easy to tip over when closed.
• Has difficulty moving from place to place due to how long she is.


Foldie invited me to her home for the conversation and I must say, for someone who can't use hands she manages to keep everything really neat and tidy. After explaining everything she needed to explain, she showed me a number of backgrounds and styles for herself. I wonder how she manages to do it so quickly.

She also asked me to poke a hole in her and her girl form met me in person, but she kept flopping around so I stuck her back in. I'm amazing how easily she patched herself up after this, as if nothing had happened.

Today is my last day at Zekonwan, so now I must go through the mountain trail to the town of Laidees.
I met Lepisava again, and she wants to tag along for my journey. I can't pay any more expenses for her, but she apparently eats mostly nectar so I guess having her around wouldn't hurt. Besides, who better to help with cursed object girls than a cursed object girl?

we really need to find a better name for cursed object girls.
Uhh won’t be able to do today’s, so tomorrow will be #20 and #21 sorry.
btw due to a trip to somewhere tomorrow’s OC will be posted later in the day as opposed to midnight
100 FantaCs - Porsha
Porsha (cheeky china)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• She's made of porcelain, and she's very concerned with shattering.
    • It has apparently already happened before but no cracks are noticable. 
• Sometimes goes out only with her natural dress shape, but when possible she'll wear multiple layers of clothes.

• VERY frail.
    • Her shards could be used as melee weapons.
    • Can heal any shatterings through an unknown process.
    • Shattering doesn't hurt her but it's apparently really embarassing.


Porsha was, understandably, very concerned about going outside for the compendium image. And yes, she does do those little "dink" noises when walking. Porsha, when not preoccupied about shattering is very pleasant to be around. She rarely comes out, usually only for special occasions, but when she does she's great at conversations and can make any party entertaining. Her concern for saftey, however, overpowers her desire to go out and do everything.

She accidentally chipped a bit of her hair whilst walking, but was able to put it back together like nothing had happened. I wonder how her mysterious adhesive abilities work...

She took me to another food place. It was also amazing! So spicyyyyy!
100 FantaCs - Paralee
Paralee (floating paper pal)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• She's a paper parasol.
• Apparently, thought to be a ghost at some point.
• Travels around the world through the sky.

• You could get smacked by her if the wind is strong enough.
• Most of her body is frail, but her head, while still paper, is somewhat more resistant.
• Can be used as a melee weapon.
• Can be used as sun protection, but not rain protection.


Huh. That's been three paper girls already. This town has a lot of those it seems. Paralee takes the form of a red paper parasol, so she's often out of town and just flying to wherever the wind takes her. She does have alightly clumsy ground movement, but personally, she prefers the air. I was pretty lucky to find her today!

She was very nice and polite but she seemed a bit lightheaded... as in she seemed like she could be sent flying away at any second.

She's also a surprisingly good cook, given her lack of hands. She often attaches a basket to her handle and carries a number of ingredients from across the land to cook some of the most exquisite blends of flavor I've ever had the chance to sample. I'm not sure if she has a digestive system though.
100 FantaCs - Wringle
Wringle (her humor is also dry)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• Originally a wringer.
• A perfectionist and a neat freak.
    • Wants everything to be clean.

• Has minor offensive value, if one is being an idiot.
• Has excellent and efficient cleaning strategies.
• Really good at fashion design.
• Pink hair for some reason.


The food was excellent. I love how flavorful it is! The spices! The mouthwatering taste! It was perfect...

Also I talked to Wringle and Silk. They taught me more about their work dynamic. Silk, being more sociable and not good at handling material with care, is the salesperson, while Wringle works on the creation and maintainment of their wares, due to her attention to detail and her antisocial behavior. They adore their jobs! Being self-employed doesn't hurt.

Wringle is, as mentioned, antisocial, but was somewhat willing to talk to me for the compendium. Once she warms up to someone she's quite talkative. She even offered to clean my robe. I refused.

Apart from designing the clothes, Wringle often cleans them carefully and dries them herself. She's very meticulous and gets rid of every single speck of dust if possible. Wringle and her work area heavily smell like soap at all times. Silk claims that, in their house above the store, she is constantly scrubbing the floor. 
I've never seen such a strong passion for cleaning!

Aside from cleaning, she sometimes goes rolling down a nearby hill for fun, but she will often spend many hours cleaning herself afterwards.

Did I mention how good the food was?
100 FantaCs - Silk
Silk (smooth shopkeeper)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• Co-owner of a local clothing store.
    • She usually handles all of the sales and barely deals with the materials.
• She's super smooth.

• Flat and frail, so no offensive capabilities.
• Her soft hands are too soft, she has a hard time carrying her wares.
• Smooth talker.
    • (Probably) won't rip you off though.


Silk, along with her sister Wringle, run the local clothing and material store. With a lot of silkworms, they manufacture and sell their own wares in-shop. How handy! Although she is made of the material she usually sells, Silk is absolutely terrible at handling it, partly due to the fact that she has flat arms. She is really good at convinicing others, so she usually runs the store. And also oh my GOD SHE'S INCREDIBLY SOFT TO THE TOUCH. I maaaaaaaay have stroked her hair. She's used to people doing that.

I'd buy something for myself, but I don't really feel comfortable taking off my robe. I was interested in a scarf, though. That'll have to wait for tomorrow. They both want to meet me at a nearby restaurant tomorrow to talk more about themselves and their abilities for the compendium. I'll probably only focus on Wringle though, as I already have enough information on Silk.
100 FantaCs - Kamila
Kamila (papershifter)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• She's made of a variety of construction paper, cut and folded into her default "human" form.
    • She has the mystical ability to shapeshift into many animal forms, in the style of kirigami and origami.
        • She can also shift her color and size to accomodate different animals.

• Her animal forms change her abilities.
    • Can simulate supernatural powers when turning into mythical creatures.
• Since she's paper, she's very, very light.
    • She's also easy to harm, but heals very quickly.


There was once a young girl living alone in this town. She got some scissors and paper and made herself a little friend one evening. Not long after, the curse arrived to Zekonwan and hit the little paper friend. Nowadays, these two still live together, and they've promised to remain like that. We met in their garden, where I interviewed Kamila on her abilities and life. She even folded herself into a couple of creatures to show her capabilities. Kamila truly has mastery over her entire body. She told me that her normal partner, who was sheepishly looking through a window, taught her all of the different ways she could fold herself. I invited her to join our conversation, but she was too shy.

We had tea over our conversation (or at least I did, Kamila was reasonably not interested in drinking) and it was soooo sweet! Again, I love the flavors from this town.
100 FantaCs - Lucia
Lucia (shining light at the middle of the road)

• Originated in and is a resident of Zekonwan.
• Made of paper and holds a mysterious light inside of herself.
• She guards the entrance to Zekonwan from the Lushion Woods. Also greets travelers.
    • Loves her job.

• Has no offensive capabilities whatsoever.
    • She was thought to have fire inside, but now no one knows what's her light's source.
• Her light is incapable of going out.
• May be able to fly due to her low weight and hot air, but she won't try.


Lepisava and I made it to Zekonwan, a town known for its foreign culture. It was founded by multiple immigrants of a faraway kingdom not long before the great curse. They brought unique materials, traditions and flavors. I really liked the food in this town. Such a spicy flavor! No wonder Lepisava wanted to come here.

When arriving, I met a friendly lantern named Lucia. She lives at the gates of the town and, from above, welcomes travelers. We talked a bit and she explained details about herself. She mentions that, apart form her, there should be six more citizens who are cursed object girls.
100 FantaCs - Lepisava
Lepisava (swarm mind)

• Uncertain origin, lives in Lushion Woods.
• Butterfly girl with two forms.
    • Her "swarm form" is made of 9 butterflies that move independently but seem to share a mind. 
    • Her "combi form" gives the illusion of her being a normal-ish human... who has tiny butterflies for hands and feet. And is also small enough to stand on your hand. And her arms and legs are actually antennae. Unless you look really closely, her main body looks seamless.

• When swarming, she is excellent at multitasking with basic tasks but while combined she is able to tackle more advanced human activities.
• Neither form is her normal state. She switches forms often.
• She's often distracted by flowers.
• Without any outside tools, she has no offensive potential.


Spending the day with Lepisava was fun. Her unique forms gave me a lot to write about and she, as a person, is pleasant to be around. I wonder what the world is like from her unique perspective...

Lepisava is apparently a traveler too, having allegedly roamed the entire land. She's seen a fair amount of other cursed object girls as well. ...I asked her whether butterfly is REALLY an object, since that wasn't really any clear. She told me that a single butterfly isn't, but a swarm as a whole doesn't really have a concience, so she assumes that counts too.

Either way, she's offering to guide me to Zekonwan, which is apparently nearby. She says she was going there next anyways.
One's silent and one's glue.
Silvia Screen is silent, she only talkes through signs and occasionally sign language. Her presence somehow emits a quiet crackling noise. She often gets into thrilling and low-budget hijinks. She also works at the local library.

Adee Siff is a girl made of glue. Her eyes are googly. That's all you really need to know.
100 FantaCs - Sapphire
Sapphire (sappy latex sap)

• Originated and resides in Lusion Woods.
• She is a girl made of natural rubber.
    • Naturally, this allows her to stretch quite far.
• Is currently bound to a bucket. She'd rather only leave it when all of her is extracted but that's going to take a lot of time.

• Can reach far.
• Her body is too soft to be able to harm anything.
• Until she completely gets tapped out of the tree, she'll stay in her bucket.
    • Her potential outside the bucket is unknown.


It appears that the rubber girl, Sapphire, has no idea what "Sapphire" actually means and just focused on the fact that she's made of sap. She has a mysterious ability that allows her to process and somehow un-process her rubber, allowing her to not be too sticky.

Sapphire is a good pal of Blobby, so Blobby often frequents her tree. It's a shame she's so determined to stick to her bucket until she finished tapping herself out. They are both want to go on an adventure out of the woods. I wish them luck... and patience.
100 FantaCs - Blobby
Blobby (oozes... with personality)

• Originated and resides in Lusion Woods.
• She's made of slime, an uncommon and semi-sentient material that adventurers swing their weapons at for experience.
• Has no solid components, she's a liquid.
• No internal anatomy.

• She is unkillable through most means.
    • She can, however, be immobilized through low temperatures and ice magic.
• Inhaling or ingesting slime is not particularly dangerous, but definately not pleasant.
• Incredibly quick for gaving no legs. She slides around.


Blobby is a fairly weak and non-hostile girl, who was not hard to find. She appears somewhat randomly, but she does so often. Despite just meeting her now, I feel like I've seen her before, maybe a little over 3 months ago? What a strange feeling.

While greeting her, she accidentally tripped and oozed all over my robe. But then, she unstuck herself and the robe is now cleaner than ever! Huh. Someone should look more into that. Another thing to note is that due to being slime, her entire being is held together by her own thoughts. She would have a LOT of control over Psykonin, if she stuck some of it inside herself.
100 FantaCs - Danielion
Danielion (windblown girl)

• Uncertain origin, lives in Lushion Woods.
• Tiny, can confortably stand right on a normal person's thumb.
• Often floats through the wind.
• She can use her minuscule roots as a body, but barely uses them to stand up.

• No offensive capabilities.
• Can usually fly undetected.
    • Is very much unable to be harmed by falling.
        • However, she has little control over her flight.


Danielion was hard to track down. However, with the help of a fairly strong breeze, I found her stuck on my robe. She floats around without a care in the world... perhaps because she knows she never has to grow up, as long as she doesn't stay underground for too long. I would have asked her more, but a-nother breeze sent her off to wherever it wants to take her, waving goodbye with that high-pitched voice.
100 FantaCs - Sprite
Sprite (Block Fairy?)

• Resides in Lushion Woods's local fairy pond
• No one is sure what her base object was.
• Looks to be made of many small squares.
• Her movements are choppy, she seems see to only appear in a few set positions.

• Like most sprites, she has healing abilities.
• She is not only naturally light, but she's also two-dimensional.
• She's quick and nimble.
• Likes cranberries.


I was certainly not expecting this. A 2D sprite... she looks like nothing I've ever seen before. She is so... blocky? I had multiple queries for this one but honestly I couldn't understand most of the answers.
A sprite, of course, is a type of fairy. However, as far as I was aware, cursed objects turn into humanoids, not other species. Perhaps the curse hit a normal sprite in this case?


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