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golden gate bridge

golden gate bridge

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Stunning. Absolute stunning! Amazing photograph you show!
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I drive on this bridge with my parents every weekend! :D When I go to my dad's house. :giggle:
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Amazing. Love it!
I want to go to San Fransisco.. (with flowers in my hair)
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i love this photo. great shot of the goldne gate.
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impressive, does sanfran still suffer from bad fog? or has it changed?
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haha yes all the time, its pretty good during the summer but, yes still foggy on most days
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thanks for the reply :)
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Very good shoot! Too bad you didn't show more of the first tower.
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What an incredibly photogenic weather - and a brave choice taking a portrait-oriented photo of something as wide as a bridge. The shape of the bridge together of the wires makes me think of a string instrument - and then the inpenetrable mist makes me think of a Stephen King book.
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wow, awesome shot !
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That's a pretty sweet picture, the cars must have seemed like they were dissappearing while taking the picture.
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Thanks Angelisa...
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