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Drawn up...

1) For a contest on We Love Fine. I rarely enter contests but I figured I might as well try. And...

2) 'Cause I didn't submit anything for pony week (on FA) and admittedly it's kinda funny to see people get so worked up over a kids show. I just think it's okay and there's nothing super special about it.

Really I'm not a giant fan of the art style of the series but I do like many of the character designs ('cause I'm a huge fan of sparkle animals when they're done well). So I drew them in my style. Maybe it'll help this entry stand out from the other contest entries. I hope so. Or maybe MLP fans won't like it 'cause it is so different from the regular style.

The voting period isn't open yet but when it is I hope you guys (at least the ones that like or are indifferent to MLP) vote for this. :)

I'm sure...I won't draw 7 characters together in a picture for a long time. XD

EDIT: The voting period for the contest if finally open so please vote for this. Spread the link to your friends and/or family if you think they'd like it. Share it. Anything. Thanks in advance for the votes and support! [link]
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I've seen other people's takes on the mane 6 and I am REALLY liking your style on them!! They don't seem freakishly elongated and designed wierd; actually believable and adorable :)
MadamLexidethLucario's avatar
Ohmigod I LOVE the way you draw their hooves!
Abstract-Spectrum's avatar
Why this ain't bad at all!
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Croland93's avatar
so cool!! i love it!!
AgentQwilfish's avatar
This is incredible! Quite simplistic, yet so effective.
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o-Fluttershy-o's avatar
I love your art style!
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BrisaHelada's avatar
That's so awesome, that's a lovely style :)
Jeakilo's avatar
I love seeing characters in other people's styles <3
After all, if i wanted to see them in the real MLP style, then why wouldn't I just go watch the show or look at official art? P: Different styles are awesome!

Looks great, though, and good luck in the contest!
SombraStudio's avatar
Thanks! :D

And exactly. It's always nice to see others interpret their favorite characters into their own style rather than always copy the original style of the show.
alskylark's avatar
Oh this looks nice!
Thanos-san's avatar
Not bad ^^ Not bad at all :P
I prefer the original style due to the sheer cute-factor of it though. Refreshing to see them drawn somewhat more realistically though ^^
SombraStudio's avatar
Thanks! :3

Heh, fair enough. I'm not a giant fan of the style. It's cute but a little flat for my tastes. ^^;
Thanos-san's avatar
True that, but I find it kinda refreshing compared to the more realistic styles I usually like. xD
One of the primary reasons I like the show so much is that it's so simple and sweet xD
Cherry-Crape's avatar
Pretty colors...

They made us watch that show in my anime club... ....I-i-it made me want to cut myself....that's never happened before.... I'm scared...
SombraStudio's avatar

Um...well...uhh...I got nothin'. ^^;

Show's clearly for children anyways and in my opinion it's one that kids should watch because it teaches great lessons for how to treat people (even people who have no idea how to treat others should watch it though I doubt adults who are dicks are gonna get anything out of it). I don't think the show needs all the popularity that it has...but we have 4chan to blame for that. :XD:
Cherry-Crape's avatar

Man, I use to watch the original... The way it's drawn now is way to pooffy, they don't even look like horses any more. :-( ...Heh...4chan is to blame for everything bad in this world...
SombraStudio's avatar
I never watched the original but I agree. The anatomy on them is so much better. The thing that still bothers me about both versions is that they have no hooves. :XD: That keeps getting to me. The males have visible hooves. The female's don't. That makes no sense. x3

Well it's not bad. x3 The show's clearly for children. It's obvious intention is to teach children about friendship and how to treat your fellow man. But...the animation isn't that great. ^^;
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