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too hot. imma burst into flames. ._.
The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a FREE SKETCH. In return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal.

01 - I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal.
02 - In your comment, include a link to a reference picture of the character you want me to draw. Or write me a description.
03 - Only one character per person- Remember, this is FREE.

(mind you, I am not a awesomeriffic artist, so whatcu see is whatchu get. cartoony arts.)
Thanx Skurly <3
Gibb Llama Badge :D
Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year etc etc.
every year. always the same thing. meh.
Go back Home next Month, July 29th in fact. as always i'm scared to death about flying. always afraid plane will crash or what have you. every year I go through these bouts of Anxiety. and reading/hearing about plane crashes doesn't help at all since I already have issues about Air Travel saftey. I guess it's something I'll never over come. anywhozzle, was gonna post some photos of a sculpture here's gotten a bit messed up, wich i'll prolly try to fix but it won't be a completed work as I ran out of clay. *sigh* i'll need to go buy some more. problem is, if I do...I may junk what I have and start a new one. who knows, we'll see. so...yer, I am alive and well. just neglecting DA. I lurk more on FA, although I haven't posted anything there. :p I haven't drawn anything in over a year.

move along folks, mah DA be dead.
Bumpy Flight, Jet Lagged, Cold...
I leave for the UK. having mixed feelings about going back. ah well. had a pretty good summer here.

anyrate, just droppin' a note.
in case people were wondering, I'm in New York. and i'll be stayin' till August. I don't have access to the internet too much atm, but it should change mid-may. cheers.
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