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Beautiful landscape :)

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Wow the lighting is just incredible! Especially the way that it goes through the waves!!

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Wonderful job on the lighting! :)

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Dark and intriguing

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Amazing - I love your work! 😊

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impressive painting, but Deviantart's compression destroyed it and there's no source download :/

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The image is copyrighted and you're not allowed to download or use it. Thx.

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wasn't planning to use it. just saying that the site noticeably compresses images if it's asked to show a resized version of it. kinda kills the enjoyment from viewing it.

and what's the big deal with not allowing downloads? it's not a commission and it's not for sale, like some other of your creations.

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I get what you're saying but the image quality is quite acceptable at that size for what it is.

Even if it's not a commission work and fun project or practice, I still can and do sell it as print (just not here) and use it for other purposes. You know how much work and experience is in such a work. And there's always people looking for opportunities, even more if a high-res version is available.

I set it to 1920, the highest, but In future I will possibly consider even set it to less.

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okay, understood, thank you for the answer :)

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Beautiful, truly immersive light :clap: :love:

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I love the dim lighting and greenish tint, really works for the ominous ambience here):la:

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Perhaps the true test lies in the unknown...

It looks like a stormy sea honestly, judging by the sky's painting, and somewhat has a dangerous and mysterious feeling to it...

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This is fascinating to stare at. It gives me the familiar feeling that I have to go there eventually, but I really want to avoid it for as long as possible.

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