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Started this one on stream and worked on it some more. Practice and fun piece.
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Frankly I would like to meet this fellowship and see what they're up to. :)

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Hello, my name is Arlo. I’m writing this to ask you for permission to use your work “Crossing“ in my 10-30 minute Dungeons and Dragons YouTube video. I will not be making any money off of the video. If you give written permission for me to do so, I will display the previously mentioned piece of art that you created exactly one time in my video. If you do not respond, I will not use your work in my video. Thank you!

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If you credit me and link back ok.

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I have a new wall!!

Wonder Panda

Great piece!!

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The brush strokes make it look very painted.

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And? I'm confused. That's why you don't like it? :)

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Well I was making an observation :P I admired your ability to make it look more like a real-life painting rather than a digital one. Honestly it did put me off a little bit, because it makes everything look less 'sharp', but I guess that's the point.

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Breathtaking! Great work
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Wow wow 🤩 this is absolutely beautiful💖

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I would have this on my wall in a heartbeat. Excellent.

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The lightning and shadows here are just awesome !!

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