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Just a reminder

Hello all, Just letting you guys know that this group has been getting a lot of random submissions. Basically art that doesn't have anything to do with Nintendo. Please only submit work related to kirby, sonic, Mario, and other Nintendo related work. Don't submit Disney or Cartoon Network art. I don't know how active this group is, but the folder system is kind of unorganized. Please submit to the right folder or I will start removing artwork. Thank you!

Gallery Folders

Video Game Trinity - Dads and Daughters by MrNintMan
Koopy and Bluey by MrNintMan
Mabelle and Co 12 by MrNintMan
Kirby's Easter by GhostFullmetal
Pixels and Sprites
Senpai Sprites MEME by SenpaiFNF
Sonic Codec with Fox by NinStation64
Sonic and Katara - Storyboard by NinStation64
25 Years of Pokemon by NinStation64
Super Mario Bros. Type A
Sexy Daisy by SuperChrisPlus
Daisy's burger by Mariohenri
Mario, Luigi and Yoshi Fake Anime Screenshot by TheLogoCooler
Toad Force V Jack - 2D Super Mario Style by TheLogoCooler
Super Mario Bros. Type B
Team Mario collage by Inte1eon
Bowser's Fury by Mighty355
Something dirty by ninpeachlover
Saturday Supercade Pauline by ninpeachlover
Sonic The Hedgehog. Type A
Now I'll Show You! - Super Sonic | Mugen by Mugen-SenseiStudios
Apocalyptic Tired shadow by GeneBomb
Sonic Colors by AceDojoFox
Sonic Riders - Sonic by AceDojoFox
Sonic The Hedgehog. Type B
Scourge Image by Ederelcool
Sonic the Hedgehog (black and white) by AceDojoFox
Come on Sonic, it's not so bad by pikachube
Sonic with all items fully upgraded by Huynhjake2001
Kirby of The Stars. Type A
A high five between a puffball and a penguin by AldrineRowdyruff
If Paramount made a Kirby movie... by AldrineRowdyruff
Ribbon From Kirby 64 by cuddlesnam
Bird tree by Daycolors
Kirby of The Stars. Type B
Prince Fluff Bunny and Kirby Bunny Kawaii by cuddlesnam
Cute Bunny (Kirby Bunny Happy) by cuddlesnam

Mature Content

Kirby Bunny Pain Pee by cuddlesnam
(COLLAB) Prince Fluff Bunny in your style :3 by cuddlesnam
Pokemon. Type A
Change of Plans... by ninten111
Jumpluff by BlueSpeedsFan92
Piplup and Dawn by Mighty355
Skiploom by BlueSpeedsFan92
Pokemon. Type B
Peonia render by Inte1eon
Request 3: Kidnapped chungus p2 by pikachube
Ask My Muse: Serena - Round One by Inte1eon
Request 3: kidnapped chungus p1 by pikachube
Happy Tree Friends or OCs and FCs
Happy Valentine's Day Wishes You Giggles by roquemi
Mario OCs
Neapolitan Princess Magical Sweet Rod attacks by ninpeachlover
Sonic OCs
[O.C] Yinx The Lynx by ByGhostEduard
Kirby OCs
Yoru  by KirbyIsBest1992
Pokemon OCs
Flower Girl Bubbles by SupremeKhi
Nintendo Characters
Link's eye by pikachube
SEGA Characters
Sabrina and Arliman by AceDojoFox
Gaming Characters
A Perfectly Timed Opportunity! by ninten111
Order or Fan Characters
Chomper by Bluegirl123456
Crossovers and Meme
Dark Bloom by MarioSonicfans2000
Couples and Girlfriend
Luigi/Prince Peasley aesthetic by Inte1eon
3D and MMD
Game! Alola OT3 by FcoMk513-DA
Flash Animation and Games
Tabaata animation gif by ninpeachlover
Digital Art
Tap tap by Bluegirl123456
Traditional Art
Sonic Lost Words by MrNintMan
Download Archive
Super Cat Tales 2 World Skins Packs by InwTrueDie
Comic and Manga
Chapter 5 Page 72 by jameswolf100
Photos and Toys or Crafts
Cherry blossoms by GhostFullmetal
Icons and Stamps
Mida x Peach Stamp by FcoMk513-DA
Fan Fiction
Moonlight Chat"Are you sure we should be stripping down in this place?" Opal asked with a red flush across her muzzle, removing her hoodie to reveal a white tank top. "Granted, I was hot in this hoodie, but I'm worried someone will catch us out here.""Relax, Opal," Tangle assured her, getting her gloves and top off. "We're in a secluded beach, it's just me and you here.""Does Whisper know?" the cat questioned."Oh, she's with her Wisp friends," the lemur recalled. "She's keeping watch for us.""That's good. I think," Opal said.It wouldn't be long until both got stripped down and decided to lounge on the blanket Tangle packed along for the trip. Opal looked up to see the moon and stars shining above and gradually began to relax.She only got a brief look at Tangle before she laid down stomach first, but the cat was smitten by the fact that she had a well-developed body. It was strong enough to rip the wings off of Metal Madness. That she knew for sure."Sooo, how are things going with you?" Tangle questioned, bringing her out of her thoughts. "You're not having any more panic attacks?""Not since the Metal Virus," Opal told her. "Since then, I've been on stronger medication. I still tense up from time to time, but I feel calmer knowing that others are here to help me through tough times.""Well, that's good," the lemur said. "What matters is that your mental health comes first."Opal smiled at this bit of wisdom. It always seemed like the Mobian did her best to look on the bright side no matter what."You fought in the Robotnik war, didn't you?""How do you know this?""Knuckles told me about how you became second in command of the Resistance. He said you did enough to beat Amy for the position.""I wanted to be strong for my family. I didn't realize I became second in command until the announcement came from him.""So you were doing everything you can without knowing it?!""Yes.""Wow..." Tangle said with awe.Opal just chuckled nervously. The two soon looked up to find the full moon in the sky."It's beautiful here, isn't it?" Opal asked."I would say 'not as beautiful as you,' but I think you know that would make you flush red," Tangle told her.Indeed, she was red in the muzzle for that."Moving right along..." Opal began, letting herself calm down.In any event, Opal learned how she and Felicia met and became heroes of Spiral Hill Village. Tangle was caught up on how Tikal was doing. The conversation lasted until one of Whisper's Wisp buddies called them over, telling them it was time to turn in for the night.



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Warning: This is not a diaper fetish group! If you're looking for one, try Diapered-Gamers or Hourglass-of-Youth

Welcome to Somari-Kirby-Heaven group a have 5 character You liked video game this Nintendo and SEGA or HAL Laboratory or Game Freak or Mondo Media or Order this good.
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