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Sonic n th Black Knight custom

Here's Sonic from Sonic and the Black Knight. All I really did was customize the glove and sculpted the sword. I had bought the figure awhile back and didn't know what to do with it till I found out about his new game from SEGA. I might end up making it into a statue though. The joints are a bit soft so he can't really hold the sword or even himself up too well. I also saw what might be Sonic's hyper form in the game where he's wearing all gold armor. I think I want to do a custom or sculpture of that as well. Looks pretty ^_^.

Sonic's sword work in progress:[link]

Finished Sword: [link]

The process of making the glove: [link]
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I love your detail and shading.
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Beautiful craftsmanship here!
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I cant belive that you made the sord and glove from scratch, aside from the hand underneath!
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Wow it looks a bit better than the figure that was officially made...great job!
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y'know yer good at modding stuff. Mebbe you should make Scourge out of Sonic. Nd I dun mean a crapy repaint where ya just paint over Sonic's current shoes (What most do). I'm talking makin the shoes custom from that apoxy stuff ya use so much.
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Thanks! I'll probably put that on my to do list ^_^
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you should, man!
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Is pretty cool to see what all you've done, and how well everything turned out. I'ma give ya a fave.
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wow thassts awesome! xD nice work :D
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found your work at a site of this. its under another name. if its yours then take a look


read and see if you agree with it
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Thank you for that find and that is indeed my work ^_^. Sigh I guess i gotta start watermarking my photos -_-
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your welcome! and you better get started on that right away.

jeans looking out for ya^^
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Haha yeah I emailed them right after I saw it ^_^. Thanks again!
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np i'll keep a look out
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You did'nt make that, You can buy that for ten dollars at toys r us.
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Read the description. I made the sword and gauntlet. The base figure of sonic was store bought but I had added onto it. I made this before the official SATBK figure was released.
SpongeDudeCoolPants's avatar
Oh, then that's a Sonic X figure?
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It's the 7 inch Sonic Super Poser Jazwares released awhile back
SpongeDudeCoolPants's avatar
Oh...I could'nt tell..
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