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Nicolas Raymond

Current Residence: Bethesda, Maryland, USA (24 years)

Previous: Montréal, Québec, Canada (15 years) + Geneva, Switzerland (1 short year in 1989 where I sponged a whole lot from le très beautiful French language!) + Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (born and lived 2 years)

Inspiration: My Dearly Departed Father Gérard Raymond. Je me souviendrai toujours.

Words to live by: "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."

- Albert Camus




I have good reason to believe that Michel de Nostredame - aka Nostradamus - was personally connected with the Voynich Manuscript. Before I begin, I would like to acknowledge this theory goes against conventional wisdom. The radiocarbon dating of the manuscript's vellum places it between 1404 and 1438, and Nostradamus lived between 1503 and 1566. I am well aware of the apparent discrepancies. I do not necessarily challenge the validity of the radiocarbon dating for that matter. To the best of my knowledge, the radiocarbon dating was done on the vellum. That does not otherwise prove the age of the ink applied to the vellum, and by extension, when the Voynich Manuscript was actually written (except perhaps that it was some time after the radiocarbon dating of the vellum circa 1404-1438). Nothing at face value excludes the possibility that the vellum was recycled or left as blank pages for over a hundred years. I am basically keeping an open mind, and I invite you to do the same if we can
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Heads Up

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Soon I will be posting a journal which might appear strange to you. It pertains to personal research I've been doing into the Voynich Manuscript, and how I believe Nostradamus is connected with it. This upcoming journal is basically a transcript of my research paper. It is primarily meant for documentation purposes so I can leave my imprint of it across multiple online sources. Realizing it is more academic in nature, which might not attract much interest here on Deviant Art. But I suppose it still counts as literature, and who knows, it might inspire others to become more curious about the Voynich Manuscript 🧐 Feel free to comment (or not), but now that my research paper is finally published, I plan to take a break and crawl back out of this Voynich rabbit hole for a bit... perhaps refocus on my photography again 🙂 (plus a lot of other stuff to catch up, including sleep)
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For anyone interested in reading more about me, feel free to check this interview I had with Shoutout Colorado:
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