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Halloween Cross-2

I drew my first Sherlock fanart last Halloween[link] , this was a special day for me, I should drew some new this year.:D

The Hobbit Halloween Cross-1 [link]
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Ha ha ha, Mycroft as Gandalf.  Why else would the iconic grey wizard have an umbrella instead of his signature wooden staff?  Many people put Smaug's scales and full-on wings on Cumberbatch Holmes and put him in the classic black trench coat.  Not you.  I appreciate you turned his dressing gown into a makeshift dragon costume, complete with fake wings.  This is adorable overall.
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Oh my god, the umbrella! Is that supposed to be gancroft?
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Don't you find it funny (cute) that they're both going to be on the Hobbit 2? ^////^ #itsreal
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omf, this is so great! I like it so much :DD
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I love Sherlock! But I haven't seen the Hobbit yet...AND I WANT TO SO BAD!!!
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Ehehehe, this is cute :giggle:
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Omg, Love Bilbo-John face! XD
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Awesome, and super cute! =D
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haha! that wouldn't be mycroft dressed as gandolf would it =P this art is hilarious and wonderfully drawn
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The magic Umbrella Man.

Oh sweet *-*
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Oh my god this fandom. :XD: It's going to be the death of me, I swear.
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Mycroft as Gandalf...with an umbrella..........WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

John's going to need those beers.

"Dont make them wait for you just because you know they will."

"No boy should be worth your teenage years."
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Mycroft is love! I rekon he'd make an impressive Snape too :D
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This is beauty itself :iconamgtouchplz:
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OMG X'D Thank you.
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awww, i love them!! Just perfect!!
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D'awwww Sherlock's satisfied smile! :D
And Mycroft is Gandalf!! YES! xDDD
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