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:iconsoma-to-form:SoMA-To-FoRM posted a status
I've been really frustrated with the status quo lately.
Trying to reach out and converse with others that I don't talk with much, it just feels like it takes too much effort only for things to never get off the ground, or terminate prematurely.

Is it bad that I can see this confusion lasting me a lifetime? Kinda hard to explain what its really like.

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Svetomech Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
I can relate.
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I believe the reason attempts to talk to people you don't talk with much die out prematurely comes from the fact that, due to there not being much interaction between you two, there isn't much to talk about, the person doesn't feel interested or there simply is the lack of something that is actually engaging to talk about. I tell from experience.
SoMA-To-FoRM Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
It's not that simple sadly. 
These are people I've spent money on in the past few months, and ones I used to talk to nightly when I was still in their Discord groups. But I left them since I was always being talked down upon and just never fit in among large groups.

It's because they're either busy, don't care, or they're holding onto old impressions I left on them. 
I'm way too bitter over all this, I really need to get my mind off of it, but it's proving hard to let go of, especially when one of them pretty much promised me they wouldn't be like the rest.
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, that kind of dying out conversations. I actually have lived a similar situation a few years back. The very same one that compose about 80% of the reasons of why, even to this day, I still struggle with a serious issue of lack of motivation to work on any art. So believe it or not, I understand you. It is not an easy task to "get over it". In my case it took a few years to finally manage to put away grudge and bitterness over the matter and finally let go off of it.

I don't know if there is anything I could say to offer any help of any sort. It seems like a similar situation but I can't tell how similar they are. I have no idea if do something like telling what I did to get myself over my situation would help at all. All I suppose I can effectively do is wish you luck so that you may either manage to settle the differences or, as you put it yourself, get over it (I always find the phrase "get over it" rude, for some reason. Regardless of context). :(
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