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:iconsoma-to-form:SoMA-To-FoRM posted a status
I had a lovely dream this morning...

I was in a field, watching a bunch of colts and fillies play in the night. The unicorns were conjuring glowing balls of light in various colors, and they were chasing them around as if playing a game. Can't figure out the objective of the game, only that they mainly went after green orbs. All the while they were giggling and screaming.

But I was sitting with AJ up against me, we both watched the kiddos play. AJ was delightfully warm, and she was humming a tune while I brushed my muzzle against her cheek and down to her bosom... The vibrations from her voice box made me super giddy... And my heart got so warm and fuzzy that it woke me up /:

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