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:iconsoma-to-form:SoMA-To-FoRM posted a status
I had another dream where I was Silent Flight the other night.

This time was a bit more extreme. 
It was set in a craggy dessert environment, similar to Afghanistan, and it started off with me being pursued by a giant bipedal mech in a strip mine. There was one point where it knocked me off my fours and info my back, which then it tried to stomp me. I decided to use the dust it kicked up as cover to get away, and I flew away towards a cavern. It winded some ways back, but it opened up into a large military yard with tanks and jeeps stored away. There was a book in the upper level that had an overlook facing towards a canyon. I scouted out a dozen or more soldiers out in jeeps headed towards me. Then they arrived at the entrance of the military yard and began a rally, and after they finished there was a coup and the soldiers shot each other until 3 were left. They all 3 split, and one started headed towards my location. But as he started climbing the ladder to get up to the book, I took a spot above it, and just before he got to the top I went and swiped his face, and he fell down and died. 

Can't remember anything beyond this, but these Silent Flight dreams are cool

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