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Is my representation of Applejack within the ship have her out of character? (I do use the image of my friend projected on her, so i interpret her as having a very sweet and motherly side) 

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Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wouldn't necessarily say so. Though, to someone who is not familiar with the context, it could seem as such. I will be honest... the first time I saw these these pictures it did seem a bit odd. Very sweet but odd. It's Applejack with a fan's OC, after all; but soon I got to know the context, the meaning behind it all. And like I said on another comment a few days ago, I find it very sweet and beautiful that you are projecting your friend on the character she loved. It's not simply a matter of being out of character in this case, it's personality identification (if that makes any sense). Besides, who's to say that, in a more realistic scenario, AJ wouldn't cuddle lovingly like that with her special somepony when she finds one, right?
SoMA-To-FoRM Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017
I think that's the main part of it, and that's why I have all that said in my profile bio.

But beyond that, I do not think she is portrayed as out of character in my ship. AJ's motherly instincts are reserved for her familial relationships, and so they do not show unless they are for someone she cares for. 

I've been working to make the whole story between them less self-inserty for a while, and I think it works out. But it's not written (yet), it's mainly in picture form.

The outline is there, and I honestly could just make a post with the series of events that led to them being together, but I'd rather have a written story. 

I dunno, I'll have it figured out eventually XD
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And that's precisely why I said that, to an "outsider" (someone who doesn't know anything about your characters and such), it may seem like AJ's out of character! But that's it. If they get to know the context, they should understand and change that idea. I used to think like that at the start but I know where you are coming from with AJ and your pony (crap, I keep forgetting his name of mistaking him for another one of your characters. I'm so sorry. x.x ) now so I can only agree with you, here.

I understand you well. I have the story for my characters planned out in my mind and a couple pictures but I still couldn't, for the life of me, get it into text form in a decent manner. :XD: It's just so though! D:

I'll be looking forward to yours if/when you manage to get it done, someday! :dummy:
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