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Tricky Question: someone with multiple personalities (like the disorder) says you disrespected them (them as in plural). Since the personalities are nothing more than a mind divorced from reality, did you really disrespect them, or not? 

11 deviants said No, they aren't real people (the extra personalities)
10 deviants said Yes you disrespected them
6 deviants said You disrespected him, but not his extra personalities, those aren't real.

Devious Comments

GleamyDreams Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
It may not be a separate physical body, and it may be one in their head, but DID sufferers are to be treated as though each personality they have is a separate person.
DID sufferers have adopted fictional characters before as their other personalities, it's not very uncommon, but you're more likely to encounter one who identifies as a popular character from folklore, childhood stories or well known characters from novels. You're more likely to encounter a Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes, or a Goldilocks instead of them choosing a character from a video game.

Most sufferers of dissociative identity disorder are unaware that other personalities exist... though, there are incidents where patients have one that works pretty much as a control board personality that knows information on the others and the person themselves as well as how to access the other personalities, however... the likelihood of ever seeing one yourself if you're not a psychologist is pretty much low to nonexistent.
Unless someone has seen a psychologist/psychiatrist, they should not be able to tell you any details on their other personalities, or even say anything of their existence. The only hints towards it would be mood changes, them forgetting details of conversation/events or constantly losing track of time, etc.
Even then though, being forgetful, losing track of time and not feeling like themselves can be just a sign of depersonalization (which can be a disorder) rather than dissociative identity disorder.

In fact, the most likely close example you may meet would be someone with borderline personality disorder, which is really more caused by someone adapting to different social situations than them changing personalities completely. A lot of patients were given a new diagnosis on what they had when borderline personality disorder was first established as a thing as they were diagnosed as bipolar/manic depressive or diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

I think you ran into one of those people though that thought the disorder was cool or something though, it's not something that most people run around screaming at everyone.
SoMA-To-FoRM Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Eeyup, all of that info I'm rather familiar with.
This person said that Ermec from Mortal Kombat was one of his headmates, and he always referred to himself as "we"
I figured it out pretty quickly really.

Said a psychiatrist had diagnosed him, and was definitely aware of it.
I was sure I was talking to someone that thought it was cool, since he yelled at me for "disrespecting" them in a plural sense.

I've had a really bad experience with someone that suffered from it before, so I'm wary of those that wear it on their shoulders like some kind of badge.
Its not something I want to accept, or see society accept as anything other than a disorder that should be treated.

Of course I know the stigma of it makes that a bit hard, but it should be met with compassion instead of fear and judgementalness. 
GleamyDreams Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
I got into looking into dissociative disorders in general since I found them to be intriguing.
It wasn't the idea of becoming another person that had me perplexed, but rather... the idea that a person's awareness could be taken away from them. Humans are very lucky to be able to experience things at all when our brains would be able to handle enough to keep us alive, so the idea that we gained our own sense of awareness was interesting enough for me and then I read about people who'd lose that awareness for some time... it was interesting since they'd have no clue of what their physical body has been through or had done without evidence.
I read up on them as if I was a kid desperately searching the house for candy and getting everything I could find even if it was coated in lint.

The only really disappointing thing though is that so many people love the idea of adopting a new persona to handle situations for them, that there's a large number of phonies out there.
I can understand the idea that pushing a traumatic or terrifying experience off to someone or something else and saying "It didn't happen to me" is easier than accepting a crushing reality that could make someone stop functioning... but so many people forget that's what it's more about than anything.

I don't like how society makes it seem like a cool thing or something acceptable when it's a defense mechanism.
ReversedCarrot Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017
I disrespect and respects people's actions hence someone with that disorder is technically responsible for what the 'person' does. It's like letting someone use your runescape account and then trying to avoid punishment because your freind was using the account at the time. 

But if jojo's bizzare adventure taught me anything it's: don't fuck with people with multiple personalities... Unless you're a gang-star.
SoMA-To-FoRM Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017
Well this person said his "headmate" was Ermec from Mortal Kombat, and when I asked him why he kept referring to himself as "we" he explained why and said he was diagnosed with DID

After I told him I do not condone that illness and said he should seek treatment, he freaked out and said I disrespected him. It was actually one massive cringe fest.
ReversedCarrot Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Preety sure most people with a multiple personality disorder aren't aware of their multiple personalities. 
jesse1134 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 never disrespect anyone even if you dont think they are real cuz in reality no one is capable of knowing every thing about another person

you can disrespect any one you want but you have to live with the out come of your foolishness

multi personality is just more then one soul inhabiting a single earthy vestal   

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