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Update: I got word that the individual has been officially banned. I couldn't be any more pleased with the news. To those going, have a fun and safe con. 

There is someone that will be attending that is a self-described pedophile and zoophile that will be attending there, and despite the con staff being told of his intent to attend, they do not seem to be doing much to prevent him coming. 
This person goes by the name Rome Silvanus, and he will be there. The con staff has said that they want to ban him but cannot without his real name.

He has videos online of himself screwing horses and other animals, and he's just all around wrong. He even revels in the fact that he is terrible and uses the negative attention to boost his ego.
If you want proof of the con staff being aware then here is a screenshot I was given a few weeks ago. They acknowledge that they have seen some of the disgusting things he has on the net.
1 by SoMA-To-FoRM

The blurred part is there to protect the identity of the person that sent me this. 
It is basically them joking about this person not being allowed to bring underage girls to the room.
Which then he replied "Then I will bring underage boys instead."

I find it hilarious that this is making its rounds now. 
Long story short, someone I used to be friends with befriended this pedo loser, and I wasn't happy about it. He started to associate with them and then they just became all-around toxic. So I burned that bridge.
Now this person is a guest of honor at Nightmare Nights Dallas, and he has invited Rome to the con so they can do dumb shit to laugh at him for.

I find this disgusting, and dangerous to the kids attending the con. If you are a guest of honor to a con, then treat the con staff with HONOR and grace them with your presence. Don't abuse their generosity and invite some scumbag like that. 
And that's all I have to say.

If you are going, be on the lookout for this guy, and stay away.
Spread the word please. I don't want this guy around my friends at the con or any kids that will be attending.
Aniahmator Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017
That's just awful
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October 2, 2017
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