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I got tagged by Topas-Art to give 10 facts about my character/characters

So why not do 5 each, five for Constance, and five for Silent Flight.

Constance Everheart
Who Knows What Could be in This Hat by SoMA-To-FoRM

1. Constance isn't really an OC that I consciously designed. He was the appearance I took in pony dreams that I had years back. I never had a cutie mark in them, I just know I was a pale earth pony with blue eyes and a blue mane. It's kinda been a while since I've had a pony dream, I think since my life turned around they stopped becoming as common as they were. They were always a massive relief when they happened.

2. His cutie mark is actually representative of a fruit. Although not a tangible one. The mark is a sigil that represents the facets of one fruit in particular, but I won't mention it here. You'll have to find out on your own. Ask me and I'll give you hints =p

3. He grew up in an isolated village on the edge of the everfree forest. The village itself was very reclusive, keeping out of other town's and city's affairs. The inhabitants were quite xenophobic about ponies on the outside, and leaving it was highly frowned upon. Constance didn't like being forbidden from leaving it, so he left it one day after an argument with his family.

4. Silent Flight convinced him that the world outside the village wasn't all that bad as everyone else had told him, and without interaction with Silent he never would have left. After Constance's departure, Silent made sure that Constance never ran into any extreme trouble. Once Constance had arrived in Ponyville, Silent helped build Constance's esteem up to where he could go and find a job. Eventually he ended up doing contractor work for a business. 

5. Anxiety plagues Constance to no end. He's easily upset by things going wrong, but when he has a reason to be happy he can light up the world around him. He's very kind and compassionate but knows he cannot save everything that he wants to. This also leaves him open to manipulation from others, a mistake he constantly has to deal with. He met AJ at a party that he was invited to by a friend, with him being anxious he didn't feel like dancing, so he went outside. AJ was already there, and that's how they met.

Silent Flight
With Wings Like These by SoMA-To-FoRM

1. Silent Flight is a hippogriff based off the color scheme of a barn owl. They're my favorite birds, so I wanted to design a character themed off of one. Just like an owl, he possesses a strong sense of hearing, and can fly in virtual silence. 

2. He had a lover years ago, a unicorn mare named "Valencia Equi" (If you can spot the wordplay you get a cookie). She specialized in healing and glamor magic. She happened upon Silent one day while he was asleep in a tree, thought he was handsome. So she cast a glamor on herself to take the appearance of a hippogriff to get close to him. Silent is usually very reserved, but Valencia's personality is like a perfect counter to his and could get him to open up easily. Of course Silent found out that she was just a unicorn disguised as a hippogriff, but he had already opened up to her and made himself vulnerable, so he brought himself to be able to trust her. They bonded over the course of a few months. She was a balance to his life which he has mostly lived alone apart from growing up with his family. But one day Valencia decided she wanted to surprise Silent by permanently taking the appearance of a hippogriff. Her spell was a powerful one, and it did not work according to her plan. It left her in an unrecognizable form, injured and unable to call for help she passed away after a few hours in the state she got herself in. Silent found her eventually, and well, this part could go on for a while. You get the idea.

3. His mask is a keepsake, it is made from Valencia's ashes. It's his way of always having her around even when she is gone.

4. After a period of grieving, Silent joined a branch of the Royal Guard whose jobs were centered around gathering intel and scouting. Later he would move forward in the ranks to where he would be a spy for tasks given by his superiors. It was through his scouting missions that he discovered the village that Constance was from. He reported the village as very isolated, with orchards of white apples and ponds where the fish would glow in the dark. Curiosity brought him back to the orchard full of white apples one night where he met Constance. It was there that Constance learned of the world outside his village. 

5. Being a spy and a part of the Royal Guard, the job does come with some extreme action. Silent never wants to bring death upon another, but he realizes that some jobs may require it. Instead of outright killing, he will usually injure his target and extract them from the location and back to home base. He could be a ruthlessly efficient killer but chooses not to become so.


Both of my OC's are pretty much projections of my personality over the years. 
Constance is how I was back in the broken days when my head was full of turmoil and I was just downright sad all the time.

Silent is how I have become after moving on from past tragedies and mishaps. 

Anyways, thats about all I have to say about them. Hopefully someone finds them interesting.
Won't be tagging anyone. If you wanna do this just steal it and tag me in it.
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