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Silent Flight: Bio in Description by SoMA-To-FoRM Silent Flight: Bio in Description by SoMA-To-FoRM
Birthplace: The Veldtlands (Tyto region)
Personality: Neutral good, Stoic and enigmatic

Skills: Highly adaptive to any environment and able to sneak his way around hostile entities with grace.
Able to keep calm in tense situations. Confident. 
Unmatched hearing and sight in the dark.
Frilled flight feathers allow for near perfect silence in flight.
Crafty and clever, able to build devices to help him get past obstacles and dispatch things in his way.

Hailing from the Tyto region of the Veldtlands, Silent grew up in relative peace. 
While other parts of the Veldt were much more hostile, the Tyto area's heavily wooded environment provided security and natural defense. 
However, things began to get more tense in the Veldtlands as time went on.
A hostile entity that was always about pillaging settlements and ousting their inhabitants was growing. 
They needed more room to grow into, so they resorted to attacking other settlements in the Veldt and taking over its resources.

Silent realized they may need help in overcoming the threat, and left his homeland to search for potential allies.

Eventually he made his way into Equestria, his first stop being in the Everfree Forest, where he stumbled onto a bit of a scene taking place.
There were Royal Guards there searching for a guard gone rogue, and was being sought in court for exploiting fillies.
By eavesdropping on the guard's conversations, Silent got a rough idea of who they were after. 
Not long after he acquired that information had he found the rogue guard that they were looking for, and dispatched him by floating over him and punching him directly in the shoulders, and scratched his spinal cord to prevent any potential escape.
After the guard was turned over to the Royal Guards, he requested entry into the Guard for himself, that way he could work his way up the ranks to where he could disclose the information of the threat in the Veldtlands and possibly request help. 

(To be continued later)
Art is by BPDarkStar 
BPDarkStar Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist
Wonder where you'll take his story.
halcyondrop Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
What a cutie!  I love his color palette, dem earthy tones mmmyessss
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