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Hello everyone!  Sapro setup the ETSY shop and now we have only a few remaining shirts for sale.  These shirts were all printed on American Apparel clothing.  







Please spread the word if you can and check it out!

P.S. these are limited editions and were featured at the Seattle Fashion Week Male`s Summer-wear Runway show.  For some photos of the runway show go to:… and scroll down.… a video of the show`s highlights.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an art book collaboration between many cool artists.  The theme was gore and from the looks of things turned out stylish and great.

$15 for the book, $3 shipping in the US, $4 to Canada, and $6 everywhere else.
Contains over 40 pages.
The site for the book is here:…;

ShyCustis  CoeyKuhn  lawnmowerpants  solardiente  deadums   2-2-1  queenvera  Guy Davis and we just received another skillful artist ani-r

Please check it out!  Thanks.

I also wanted to say I will be posting finished picture and sketches soon.  I have just been very busy with internships and personal projects.  Hope everyone is well.
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Is the shirt I created.  If you are a member at the site please vote for me!

My booberry Saprophilous ( designed this one:…

We both intend to design more in our spare time!  Take care.
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Does anybody know someone or want to themselves live in Boston starting Sept. 1st? For 425$ a month [not counting utilities, but they're not bad] really close to public transport?

If so please contact theRast via message or email.  Their page is here.

Thank you!
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Google:   1800 Tequila

>View user gallery (the link under the design your bottle)

>Date added

>Click the one of the burning horse by J.A. Hara

>5 stars

I hope this works!  Everyone go to this site and vote for this bottle please.  Its my loves…!

Please vote!  5 stars
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I have some free time, so if you are bored come pchat with us.…
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YOU BE THE JUDGE.  This is not work safe and not for anyone under 18.
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So my tablet has been broke for a while but the new one is in the mail.  Thank lawd.  Strange too because I was really working myself in a habit to be more serious about one work and put an effort in.  I also received a load of art supplies from Saphro <3 so I am going to be block printing, painting, and other traditional styles of work.  Id like to hit 2draw with a bomb too, as well as keep tegaki as a sketch journal.

In other news:

My Brother Ramiro totally got into Fangoria for his new comic!!! Holy shit!!…

Good luck to Denio with school.

diamondandstarships.deviantart… this person out.

Good luck to my good friend… at the con.

(* v*)/ My Love <3<3<3
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Essentially the orphan act says anything not copy written is up for grabs.  Its more than that, so read for yourself, but its all bullshit.
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Thanks to CYC for the links and music.  I made a MUXTAPE YAY!
I am counting on the first song to weed most of you out,  I shall update it later.
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come pchat with us.  A holy place.  18+
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Im in the process of moving with no internets, I am using a neighbors computer right now.  Just some fyi for anyone who cares, and friends.
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Happy Holidays all!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post, 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1.  I was hit by a truck (Dodge Ram) and only broke an ankle.
2.  I seen a ghost, or hallucinated seeing a ghost.  I was not on drugs during this event.  Yes It was a "shadow person".
3.  My grandfather is a Free Mason.
4.  My imaginary friend was the wind.
5.  Tropical Punch Kool-Aid fucking rules my world.
6.  My second home burned in a fire.
7.  My father collected money for "business men".
8. I dislike, pity, love, and highly respect my step-father.

I TAG (no obligation)
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Colbert for President?  I seen it on the world news and I still do not believe it.  lol wut
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I still miss XOD.

He should be sharing this kingdom with us all.
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anyone else on that facebook site?
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The portraits are finished!  Minus Bleached`s.  I need another picture from you.  Also, heyjumpingjack I have yours but it looks stupid and ugly.  Ill show it to you, but I would like another picture of you to do.

Expect a portrait art dump, I also took screen caps of the "artistic process" involving one of the portraits.
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she really does like me  and my kittycat charm and ears

dont listen to her lies, she spreads poisonousness words about me
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