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Basic Katana Template

Download the Template on my Etsy! 

Basic Wakizashi Template
Basic Tanto Template
If you'd like to see how the Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto look together check out this Deviation

EDIT (1/30/2018): Returning viewers of this deviation may notice that the original link to the PDF has disappeared. I am now only offering the PDF on my Etsy store. 

A long time ago someone asked me if I could create a template for a basic katana. I agreed at the time, but I ended up not really knowing a good way to draw or share it. But I want that person to know that I never stopped thinking about how to draw and upload a template like this. I'm truly sorry it took me so long! A katana is very popular weapon across many series but it is very difficult to make due to it's curve. I hope this template will help many people in the future!

This is as basic as basic gets in my opinion. The handle length (10 in.) is average, the blade length (28 in.) is average, and the curve (or sori) is average (5/8 in. deep). Even so, I included a lot of measurements in this image as reference because to make a convincing looking katana there are a lot of subtlties you have to account for. There is a slight taper in the profile of the blade from 1-1/8" at the base to 1" at the tip. As well as a taper on the end of the hilt and scabbard. You may notice that in the PDF, I have excluded the kashira (pommel cap), fuchi (hilt collar), tsuba (handle guard), habaki (blade collar). That is because those elements are built around the blade and are very customizable. I've tried making a simple, yet easily modifiable template. For all of these smaller pieces, a lot of those measurements I give above are suggestions.

Recommended Materials:
- 1/4 in. wood for the blade. Poplar or aspen wood, available at Lowes or Home Depot, works well.
- Either 1/4 in. or 1/2 in. wood for the hilt/scabbard. Depending on whether you use the "sandwich" method or carving method.

Recommend building process:
Unless you've got everything figured from the beginning, I also recommend always building the blade first! Everything is built around the blade! Then you should build the habaki next if you want one. Then the guard! And that's when you should make the hilt. You can then build the fuchi (hilt collar) and kashira pommel cap) around the hilt. And the final step should be the scabbard.

I also HIGHLY recommend that people look at chioky and piratecaptain galleries and tutorials on building a katana.
And if anyone wants me to create modified templates for, say, a different type of hilt or a much longer/shorter type of katana, feel free to ask!

Have a prop in mind that you need a template/blueprint for? Feel free to suggest it in the comments or through a note!

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is there a type of video or instruction manual to forming the katana.