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Delight Wallpaper

Delight HD Wallpaper

This is My Favorite, believe me guys this wallpaper output is awesome. try it

Blur is just in Preview background but its clear. so don't worry. you will get as you see in LCD Dispaly.
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2560x1600 | 2560x1440
1920x1200 | 1920x1080
1600x1000 | 1366x768

Comment make me feel good so please your few word ;)
> If you like this one guys so i will make Version 2.

In Desktop Preview action [link] , [link]

Thank to MarianTheGreat for picture.
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really lovely - the eye draws immediately to the light. 
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There's something about floral wallpapers that speaks to my soul. This is beautiful.
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dude your wallpapers are awesome
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Beautiful wallpaper(s)! :D (Downloaded your "Redwine" one as well. ^^)
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Really beautiful :)
The only thing I can say is "stunning", really.
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I love this. I'd love this for my iPad!!
Awesome, I love this. Been looking for some inspiring new desktop. I think this is gonna be it. Very cool. I also like the preview very much. What background do you use?
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amazing! love it!
Incredible! There's something very soothing about this one. Thanks for the download!!!
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Thank you very much glad that you like it:)
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Nice presentation... I think the wall is excellent too :iconhappyfellaavatar:
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thank you... glad that you like presentation. :)
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I've just accepted the submission on MinimalCustomizers. Nice job!
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pretty damn nice... is it all camerawork or aided by PS?
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you can say.. both .. but most things is PS editing ...color and shading and lighting.
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