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Crysis Wallpaper

Crysis HD Wallpaper

Comment if any thing to change... :)
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very very nice thank you 
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Love it ....Thank´s !     ,,v. -.- .,,,,
are very nice thank you very much Clap 
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how to download please ?
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there is a download button on right side take a look.
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great work bro .. awesome. awesome .. awesome !! 
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cant download D;
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1680*1050 please??
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My desktop looking cooooooooooool :-)
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i will upload soon new version.
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Would love it if there was an option without the crysis logo and just have the hexagon style wallpaper. Great job btw
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Love the hex pattern. Would love to have an option to use one without the crysis logo and silver tile if possible. I know it defeats the purpose of the wall and I love the game too. I just like to keep my walls generic.
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Nice! Love the Crysis games :halfliquid:
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Nice pattern! The hexagons could have a little of drop shadow.
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@Alextc1... Thank you very much , am still working on it... trying diff light and shading thank you
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