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A speed painting of a *Catt-Nightingale 's caractere (with and without her mask, so you can choose which version you like the most).
If you have any questions like :"How a so young girl can already have white hair ?" Or :"I wonder which power this babe is using to kick ass ?" . Or again :" Will she graduate this year ?" Just go here --->[link]<---
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Wow... :wow:

This... this looks really amazing...
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Hey thxs , that's cause the original girl was already a cool caractere^^
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omg this so amazing I might cry.
I love seeing my O.C.s in Semi-Realism sooooooo much this is so good al;ksjd;flkjal;skd;jfolkasdjf
I wish I knew how to do this! :0
Out of curiousity... How'd you find out about my O.C.? :3
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One month ago, when we were sending notes to each other ,you send me some references .I always had a crush on tan skin girls , even more when they have white hair .So ... i HAD to do something with her !^^ I am sure you'll be able to do this kind of things, view to the many submitions you already have , you are keen on drawing .With a tablet and your passion this is gonna be easy :thumbsup:
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:) Thanks <33333333333333