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Don't play with fire

By Soltia
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- Oh, really?
He is obviously not happy with something...or someone.
Skyrim again =)

Chroma Music - Playing With Fire
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Khajit is NOT happy xD Amazing painting skills *_*
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Team nightingale! :D (Big Grin)  Beautiful portrait 
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Oh, very handsome man, really love his design=D:heart:
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"Don't play with fire" uhhhh unfortunately it looks like it's a little late for that! Still, gotta have that dramatic lighting, yo. Very nice work!
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Важный какой. 
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Oh wow O_O This is... This is amazing. Especially the facial expression. Very Khajiit-like. And that background with the added light glare on the side of his hood. Very nice touch.
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Oh my! This is amazing!
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This looks so cool and badass.
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Awesome Painting ^_^
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Yo nice. I made a character that in Marrowind that is awesome.
Female Kajit.
BTW I LOVE Elder Scrolls games. I'm going to try to get my hands on Oblivion.

Nice work on that art 😸
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I really like Oblivion. I recommend!
Thanks! Hug 
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OK. I will get Oblivion after I beat Marrowind.
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Make sure to get the "Game of the Year" versions. The games are so much less without their expansions.
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OK I will try to. Wait so Marrowind and Oblivion both were games of there year? Damn good work Bethesda.
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As was Skyrim. And Arena and Daggerfall. And Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. Really, it's almost looking like Bethesda can't not make an award-winning RPG.
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Well I have the complete edition of Fallout N.V. and the G.o.T.Y of Fallout 3. Don't know Fallout 4 was G.o.T.Y. I want to try Arena and Daggerfall. I have a feeling I need a computer for those games. I should try to get my hands on G.o.T.Y for Marrowind and for Oblivion.
Got to agree Bethesda games are amazing. Loved everyone I have played.
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Ухххх, суров, брутален, наааайс!
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Таким и должен быть! Пасиб =D
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But can I play with his ears? :aww:
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Maybe later. he is not in the mood now =)
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