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Belle Heart

Happy Valentine's day from Belle!

Daz Studio 4.7 > Reality 4 > Luxrender

Advantix 100

Edit 02/15/15:  Rendered out to 18k S/p to refine the detail in the heart's refraction.  This also cleaned up noise all over the image.  Getting better at this!  I also darkened the bow slightly and increased the brightness in the triangle from her eyes to the floor at her arms.  I think it looks immensely better!

Glass Heart: Original source… posted on that site by milosxxl.   OBJ then modified by me in 3ds Max to my needs.
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First off, that heart within a heart within a heart is wonderful. Did you model that yourself? If so, this wins my favorite valentine's render just for that. I like that you got some caustics out of it, too. The only issue I have with it is that it's not entirely clear to me how the inner glass heart is suspended in the outer one. CGI magic! But since it's so compelling, the fact that it looks like its floating is slightly distracting. Not sure I would "fix" that, but I'd think about it.

The woman is lovely—nice skin, really solid render. If your aim is photorealism, it's not quite there. I'm not sure why, though. Something subtle.

On an artistic level, I wouldn't have picked that color for the bow. It works with her, but it's so vibrant, it shifts the gaze away from the focus on the image. A more subdued color would work better for this particular composition.

Minor nit pick: both knees penetrate the floor.
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The heart probably looks off due to index of refraction—the inner metallic heart should be distorted by such thick glass.

I wish I could be more helpful about the subtlety. I'm struggling with getting that last bit right, myself. You're close enough that nothing jumps out as wrong (well, the hair—which is such a problem for poser-style CGI, and the knees; but they aren't the issue). I wonder if it's the lighting. You have technically great lighting from a photo shoot point of view, but it might be missing the little irregularities that an organic room provides. I'm speculating pretty wildly, but if you might see if adding an HDR of a real life studio changes anything other than your render time.

If you do another render, shoot me a note. I'd love to see how if and how you get closer to photorealism. 
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Thank you for the wonderful (and my first!)critique!

I did not model the heart myself, I found it in the wilds and modified it to my requirements. 

The heart is supposed to look like two pieces, one thicker outer glass portion and the red metal smaller heart loose on the inside.  The 'middle' edge is supposed to be the inside edge of the thick glass portion.  I guess it didn't really render that way or at least didn't translate well.

Photorealism:  It is my ultimate goal to completely fool the eye and mind.  I'd love to get to the bottom of what that 'subtlety' is.  The hair?  Lack of detail in the skin?  My wife thinks it's the hair, it's not rendering realistically enough and causing the problem.

Bow:  I agree on the color!

Knees:  Oops!  Didn't even notice that!

Thanks again!
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Nice composition and emotion :) Like this work.
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This is a great shot
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Isn't she tho!  Rawr!
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Wow! Where did you get that heart and that heart glass thingy?! Great work!
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Thank you for the compliment!

And also, thank you for reminding me I should have noted my source for the heart a long time ago :)  I added a link to the original object in the image description above!
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Best render in your gallery as of right now. 
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Thank you!  Just curious why you think so?
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The blue of her eyes, she's nude but the image isn't exactly sexual, her eyes have a soothing calm look into them, her lips look very soft, the pose is very relaxing. 
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Thanks again.  I'm glad you can see life in her :) (Smile) 
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Thank you so much!!! Hug 
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It looks better now, nice work :-)
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I let a version of this render overnight.  It is currently up to 16.34k S/p :o (Eek) .  It looks 50000x better than this.  I cant wait to replace this with the updated version.  I can't believe I posted this version! 

More to come!
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Nice work my friend, the pose and the warm skin tone is really nice. If i could suggest some effect i would add a vignette effect to highlight the main character so the background will be less flat! You could also consider to reduce the glossiness of the hair ribbon so the details will be more visible. :-)
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Excellent ideas!  After rendering for hours unseen I noticed the highlight on the bow.    Being lazy and wanting to get this up for Valentine's Day I didn't want to redo it.  I could save a version from Lux where the bow isn't blown out and composite it in Photoshop.  

I may have to continue rendering in Lux anyways.  At 5k S/p there is still grain through the glass heart.
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I see, complex lights also soft lights could create some noises hard to be removed, unfortunately my PC is out of date and i cannot reach that quality of rendering, otherwise i should wait a week just for one picture.
The highest number of passes i have reached is about 1100 S/p.

About the Bow you could reopen the render with LUX work on the lights gain or with exposition values until you get something good for the bow. You save the underexposed file then you can blen the needed part with Photoshop.

About the grain my suggestion could be to use a filter through Photoshop to remove it but you have to be carefull otherwise you could loss some details.
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Eeek!  This photo reached 5k S/p in like 7 hours.  I would cry if I couldn't render.  I wish I could buy you a new computer!!!! :happybounce:

And yes, that's what I was going for when I said compositing ;) (Wink)

I'm going to let it run further while my wife and I are out on our Valentine's date and see what happens.  If it hasn't cleaned up any in another 2k S/p I'll just say f it and light better for it next time.
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