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Lombax girl


Might as well hop on this train as well and draw cute lombax girl.

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She is actually the new female character in ratchet and clank
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I'm willing to bet that since her main weapon looks to be a hammer, her name's going to be "Mallet", or some derivative pun relating to hammers.

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Actually, that was my thought too. I guess great minds think alike.

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I see people don't waste time to drawing this lombax girl from the trailer, good job my friend ^^ !

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(Immediate implication of new character of incoming new Rachet and Clank game, already gets fanart.)

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I bet her name is Rachel.
It is related to Ratchet and she is probably the female parallel dimension version of Ratchet.
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I like your opinion about this Lombax girl and her name is Rachel, the female parallel dimension version of Ratchet for the Upcoming game, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for the Sony Playstation 5. and i'm sure hope developer Insomniac Games will reveal her name sooner or later.

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To be correct after the Multiverse Theory, the alternative reality version of ratchet since a few body details exist that doesn't exist by females lombaxes of Ratchets reality and would explain that

If you watched Rick and Morty you should know that it is possible that, in context with the game every reality has a retched, perhaps a different ratched, but not all have a clank.

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Well, I saw this scene from the season 4 finale of Rick and Morty, Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri about Beth Smith and her clone and Rick figure out who is the

real Beth.

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First, I didn't see that episode.

And second that is only one of the theories I have to her.

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Sorry. I tried to give you a idea.

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And we don't even know her name yet.

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4 seconds of screen time and now so much fan art.

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She's pretty cute.

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