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silver legacy doujinshi page 6

*EDIT 1.2.15* redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 


page 6 is up! mann these pages are taking alot longer then anticipated!! I hope its flowing rather gettin supper lazyy haha but I guess if I want it to flow well I need to stop and take my time and add more pages -.-

ill do my best...but I know I work rather slowly....

I'm also trying to improve my ooook with it at this point.. hopefully it gets better!


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Venus face looks better now :D
World-at-peace's avatar
Dear Princess, dense and sweet. ^^; :iconangelicplz: I imagine this would strike the planet of love hard, but HAS Venus fallen in love before? ;) If not, an excellent comeback, Serenity!

mimineko828's avatar
Is Ariethyou Sailor Venus' name in the past life?
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It is flowing very well! I love it.
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thank you!
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It looks a lot better, etta <3 keep up the good work!
AprilGreen's avatar
Why is the speech white on black ground? I would use such an effect only when explaining somehing mystical or when a character comments a scene observed and shown to the reader. But here is´s just direct speech.
SoLoretta's avatar
Does it bother you? I did it to make the words pop out more and to bring more color I suppose to the page..
AprilGreen's avatar
Well, there is no right or wrong when drawing manga in the first place. Everyone has their own style of doing it. It´s just that I think white-on-black letters have a certain effect on the reader. Those effects can be triggered when used intentionally.
I´ve read professional manga in which authors used white letters without further intentions (for example "Liling-Po"), but I thought it was giving away something that could have been used better.

On the other hand...I always try to find something helpful to say when commenting, but your doujinshi is just so pretty, it´s hard to thing of something to criticize anyway. :floating:
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haha ahh thanks.. I might change the bubbles thats not too difficult anyways. I'm probably going to change the dialogue tonight so everything flows better. thanks for the suggestion though!
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saaaaa~ Venus is so pretty in yuor style! I like the idea this comic is bringing out too. That it's Serenity who is being a big girl while the others want her to find love.
These pages are so delicate.
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thanks! if i ever get to my version of the first season... I already have plenty of ideas! just wish i could get these done sooner! Since Usagi is the reincarnation of Serenity I wanted them to have the same kind heart but different personality..esp since serenity was born royalty and usagi..well a normal girl
dark-dark-serenity's avatar
yayyy! well done and i loooove this page!!
SoLoretta's avatar
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XD I LOVE the chibis!! ^.^

And I've to say it again: They look soooo gorgeous, all three of them! Like really goddesses!! ^.^

Can't wait for the next page!
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hehe thanks soo much!!
Do you know what kills me? Every page is a cliffhanger. I get so happy and excited whenever you upload another section!
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thanks!

I'm glad your enjoying it!! I'm getting a kick out of doing this and wish I could get it out faster too but its soo much work! your comments keep me going

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Really good ^^
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