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Usagi and Serenity!!

Princess serenity's traditional dress is rather boring so I like spicing it up a bit with flowers and stuff. Did the flowers over a couple of time and realized white looked best. I also realize i hate coloring serenity's long hair! you can tell when I'm feeling lazy..


*Serenity is Usagi in her past life*- for those who don't know..

and I changed her school uniform a bit. =)

This isn't my didn't turn out exactly what I wanted but I'll have to keep practicing. Expect more in a couple of days =)
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Words can't begin to describe who much I love your art style and your doujinshi!
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I do not know Sailor Moon that well...
but this photo makes me so comfortable and relaxed.. :)
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I really love your take on Sailor Moon. So beautiful!
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very nice! Reminds me of Misa Amane! :D
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Perhaps this tune fits? [link]
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It's wonderfull!
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This is beautiful!
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Fantastic!!! :D I love the colors and everything about this work. :D (hugs)
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Wow! Very beautiful! I love the soft tone you gave the picture.
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I love this! Serenity looks so beautiful!
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Yay!! :D Usagi! This is extremely beautiful :) You're talented.
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It's very pretty <3 it always made more sense to me for Serenity to have her hair down. =)
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I like ur style!
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