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Silver Legacy Doujinshi page10

*EDIT 1.16.15* redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 


page 10

I had to use alot of references for backgrounds...I've been looking around to give me ideas for future pages too.

Hopefully I'll get page 11 done by tomorrow.

enjoy! =)

Also I have a website on my main deviantart if anyones interested. It has a character info page and more information of where I'm trying to get with the story.

Page one…
Page two…
Page three…
Page four…
Page five…
Page six…
Page seven…
Page eight…
Page nine…
Page ten…
Page eleven…
Page twelve…
Page thirteen…
Page fourteen…
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Can't wait to see the prince! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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Stunning! Divine! Heavenly! *Flails* Looks like our Princess has a plan cooking up! :earth: :iconswingonastarplz: :iconmoonplz:


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Just a slight note, but it's doujinshi.
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thanks for catching
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I don´t like the pointy-tune in the panel on the upper right. But apart from that: Another beautiful page!^^
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This is just such a beautiful doujinshi. ♥ The art style, the shading, the writing, everything! I can't wait to see more! ♥
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ahh thanks! art-wise I hope I improve as this goes along as for the writing sailortitan does all the editing haha soo thanks to her everything flows alot better!
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This is so cool! I love how excited she looks.
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Ahhh I'm loving loving loving this!!!
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If you need official images of the moon kingdom, I have a collection of caps here. That's what the castle looks like in the anime, anyway!
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ah thanks! I'll reference them
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Cannot wait for the next one. *Addicted to your story~ <3* And your guys, so far, look alright. ;3
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haha thanks hopefully. They'll make an appearance in the next 2 or 3 pages
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Really superb work ^^
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Oh my...I'm in LOVE with this page!!! *.* It looks soooooo beautiful! Jupiter looks GORGEOUS in the first panel!

You also did an awesome job on the background. It looks so mysterious and beautiful!

I really, really love your doujinshi! And I also like your website! It's so interesting to read your character info!! ^.^
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can someone give me a like to the site? i can't find it...
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haha thanks! I've been waiting to do something like this for a longgg time =)
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