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Silver Legacy Doujinghi page13

5.19.15 edited it and added rose petals. redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 

page 13 is up!

omgggg this took me foreverr!! I had a lot of down time at work but this literally took alll day!! I had to use a lot of references and googling for the right balcony and the perfect room. I really have noo talent for illustrating rooms and buildings soo hopefully they don't look too un-proportional

I did have alot of fun however coloring this room. And yes you may notice I like drawing Serenity's hair down alot...and thats because I think she looks more princess-like >< but when I do that she doesn't look like usagi chan at all. =(

One more page and chapter one is done. I'm almost done sketching the first page in chapter 2...which will be in color =)

Page one…
Page two…
Page three…
Page four…
Page five…
Page six…
Page seven…
Page eight…
Page nine…
Page ten…
Page eleven…
Page twelve…
Page thirteen…
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I just cannot get over your drawing style! Its so unique and beautiful and I love it! (Im going through the series again to refresh my memory)
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thank you so much!
DontMindMee's avatar
You're welcome!!
World-at-peace's avatar
Angel Girl Emote Oh, princess. :) The crown does not rest easy upon thine head...:iconcrownplz: moonflower

Wherever did you learn to draw? This is more amazing than any manga I've purchased.
ManifestedDreams's avatar
I just found this and have sent it to people I know will enjoy it!

I lament there being a lack of Silver Millenium inspired doujinshi out there. This makes me really excited to see.

I especially like the names you are using for the 4 guardians. The designs are unique and beautiful and I look forward to seeing it continue!
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thanks! Had to do a little research for the names =)
AprilGreen's avatar
The final panel with Serenity is just plain beautiful.
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thank you! finished it in like 10 minutes =)
Jamoluvsart's avatar
I love it, great job!
SoLoretta's avatar
Diamond1984's avatar
I love it. I hope you put more very soon.
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thanks! yes in time
DaTenshiOni's avatar
i think it's awesome how you draw serenity with her hair down. as someone who ties her hair back daily, i know it's a strain on the hair to have (tightly wrapped odango's) hair pulled back firmly >w<

I love what you did with Princess Mercury's hair in Page 12 too <3

great job as always, i'm waiting for more <3<3<3

Oni :D
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thank you!
Suyi-22's avatar
I can't wait for Endimiun and Serenity first meet!!!

Love the story!!!


PS. sorry for the bad english!
SoLoretta's avatar
haha me either!
doinaileana's avatar
The room is amazing, but the Earth is not round. I mean the shape of the Earth is a little... imperfect.
And like I said before: love your story!
SoLoretta's avatar
haha yeaa it was superhard to erase the toning. I'll try another method later
doinaileana's avatar
sailortitan's avatar
You did great with the room. :-) Now I feel like giving architecture a stab...
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thanks alot! omg it was sooo hard!!! but I'm glad it turned out oook
Kuroshi-tenshi's avatar
Oh that's just really beautiful. It really does give the feeling that she's a lunar princess. <33
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