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Silver Legacy Doujinghi page12


05.19.15  redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 

Didn't think I could get this up today but here it is!! I had alot of fun drawing this page and I'm really excited about page 13! hopefully I'll get that done if I have some down time at work. I'm eagerly trying to finish ch1 so I can start on ch 2!

enjoy =)

Page one…
Page two…
Page three…
Page four…
Page five…
Page six…
Page seven…
Page eight…
Page nine…
Page ten…
Page eleven…
Page twelve…
Page thirteen…
Page fourteen…
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*Sniffs* :happycry: Yay! :poledance: Get that flora and fauna, princess! Starflower :iconpinklilyplz: Emote Fairy
AprilGreen's avatar
Whoho, Venus becomes very serious here! I like Mars attitude, it fits her greatly!^^
Jamoluvsart's avatar
aww sailor mercury always the supportive one.
SoLoretta's avatar
I think it's funny to see the conflict between Mars and Venus starting this far back. :)
SoLoretta's avatar
haha theres more coming along
akito-ash's avatar
i love mercury's expression^^ your screen tones are amazing^^
cupcakedoll's avatar
Ami-chan is sooooo cute!

And you also deserve major points for getting these out so fast!
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GentleOceanMichuru's avatar
What program do you use to colour?
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I switch off using painter, manga studio, and photoshop, and of course pencil and paper.
xSaturnGirlx's avatar
GREAT! Wow, I love this page!
The way Venus "freaked out" was strange, but I can understand her completely!! *poormina* ;.; And the answer of Mars was...expected ^.^''...

I really like the "we will always support you, no matter what" --> really friends, ne?! ^.^

And Ami-chan's happy face is LOVE! XD
SoLoretta's avatar
SaturnBunny89's avatar
All of your work is so beautiful! I can't wait to read what's next ^^
SoLoretta's avatar
Linesa's avatar
Good ^^
I love your story ^^
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thank you!
kousagi's avatar
So lovely~ can't wait to see what's next! ♥
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thanks alot!
doinaileana's avatar
I can't get enough of your beautiful story. Can't wait for the next pages!
SoLoretta's avatar
doinaileana's avatar
:hug: you are welcome! :tighthug:
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