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Silver Legacy Doujinghi page 8

*EDIT 1.2.15* redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 


page 8 is up! Ive done the sketches for page 9 and part of 10. Hope to get that up by the end of the week =)

I kind of wanted to wait for the next 2 pages to finish so it would flow better... but since this is already done..might as well put it up.

thanks again to sailortitan for editing =)

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I feel like crying...this is so beautiful....Cry emote Tears of joy 2scratch that.  I'm already crying. 
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I do have to ask while going back and looking through your updated pages, why was the royal archives something that Princess Serenity was forbidden to look into? Was it because of the fact that it had Earth-related books and she wasn't to know of it yet since she hasn't taken throne? Or is merely that it's the Gaurdian of Intelligence's sole job as part of the court? (to have access to it I mean for research; and only her) Or a little of both? ;p
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lol im guessing it was ok to take it out!? LOl never got that question before. I assume its not a public library and you can only review the books in the archive
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Lol. Okay XD So I guess Mercury is just setting boundaries to Serenity's curiosity streak :p Just a curious question! Lol
SoLoretta's avatar
no problem! no ones asked me before haha
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Group shot and an instant favorite! This is me reliving my childhood, but in such a poignant and heavenly style! Do I sense the beginning of a journey to Earth?

Lively blooms...a rose...the symbol of an ageless love! :iconsparklyroseplz:

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this is beautifully done!
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I really love your take of Sailor Moon. Drawings are so beautiful.
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They all look so perfect sitting there together.
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bah! i noticed all these little mistakes.. when I get the time ill reload them...
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This story is so gorgeous *Pictures too.* I'm really going to have to Watch you. <3 Keep up the good work.
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This is so pretty. I hope Uranus and Neptune make an appearance! :D
SoLoretta's avatar
they will! i have plans for them...its just going to b a long while...before they show up hehe
I like that Mercury is in charge of the royal library. It's a nice touch.

Speaking of Mercury, she looks very pretty in these panels. Most of the time, I look at images of her and get the feeling that she's a sort of shrinking violet, but your interpretations make her stand out.
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hehe thank you!
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Oh, I LOVE the last panel, where all of them are sitting together. It's sooooo peaceful!

GREAT job again!
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hehe thanks! im trying to get this chapter done!! hopefully within the next few pages
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Beautiful *o*

Good job ^^
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