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Silver Legacy Doujinghi page 5

*EDIT 1.2.15* redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 


Page 5 done! It was pretty much done a while ago but I was too into the drawing that I posted last night. Page 6 just needs toning...

Man drawing a comic is alottt harder then I thought. Im just worried because I don't draw guys very well and fight scenes especially!! So I'll have to use alot of references...

Page one…
Page two…
Page three…
Page four…
Page five…
Page six…
Page seven…
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You don't need to worry, since this is absolutely amazing Heart Love 
World-at-peace's avatar

Well, Raye hasn't changed much! Some intrigue...and so strange to see Luna in her human form! :D I loves it, so prettyprettypretty!
mimineko828's avatar
Luna is beautiful! :rose: I love her character :D
SoLoretta's avatar
yeaa but her hair is a pain!
mimineko828's avatar
I know! Its so long!
Kibate's avatar
You even gave her such a big role, i always thought it was somehow missing in the original anime.
SoLoretta's avatar
i totally agree
GentleOceanMichuru's avatar
Lol... in that first pic of Luna I thought she was Nehellenia, about to attack... xD Fail, me, fail. x3 Absolutely gorgeous work by the way!
SoLoretta's avatar
haha your right! didnt notice that!
Jamoluvsart's avatar
Queen Serenity is so secretive
SoLoretta's avatar
Did you mean to leave a portion of Luna's face unshadowed in the shape of a crescent moon? That's a pretty cool touch!
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh i didnt notice that i just meant to leave her face half in the shadows hehe. thanks!!
IttyFox6's avatar
Oooo! I really like how your making Luna human in your comic ^___^ <3
SoLoretta's avatar
thanks! I loveee her human form! I just don't like coloring her hair!
SailorMoonParadise's avatar
yet another great page i really like the art work you've done and i bet if you were to make this in to a book and sell if it would make you rich lol i would buy is really its a great story
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh really! thanks but copy right issues..lets see how far I get first and if people really enjoy it.

SailorMoonParadise's avatar
well i can tell you i know i do the art you do is really beautiful really
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thanks! lets see how far I can get first!
xSaturnGirlx's avatar
Oh my...Luna looks GORGEOUS!!! I really like it, that you're showing her in her human form!! The Queen is beautiful!

But Serenity, Mars and Venus look gorgeous too (I want their dresses!! ^.^'';).

I can't wait for Mercury and Jupiter to show up!
SoLoretta's avatar
ahh thank you!! yea I love luna! bUt i hate black hair its soo much work!
Linesa's avatar
Good job ^^
It love the panel with Serenity and Venus ^^
And Human Luna is superb *o*
SoLoretta's avatar
thanks!! me too!
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