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Silver Legacy Doujinghi page 1

By SoLoretta
5.19.15 edited it and added rose petals. redrew/fixing the panels for my doujinshi moonlight legend vol 1 ( it will contain ch 1-4). 

First page to my doujinshi about the silver millenium.

Everything belongs to Naoko Takeuchi...I'm just a fan who loves the story!

yayy I got too excited.. I was going to put the first two pages up at once..but I just finished the first...

I liked how it turned out but omgg what a pain in the butt to color! The rest isn't going to be in color..

now I just have to figure out how to use manga studio properly...

oH and I've always wanted to draw a after many many failed attempts...I guess I'll start now...hopefully my artwork gets better along the way..

Enjoy! and please leave comments!

Page one…
Page two…
Page three…
Page four…
Page five…
Page six…
Page seven…
Page eight…
Page nine…
Page ten…
Page eleven…
Page twelve…
Page thirteen…
Page fourteen…
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Candyburst101's avatar
I just found this, but the moment I looked at it I fell in love panromantic heart  It's absolutely beautiful, and I hope I can draw as well as you someday biromantic heart Hanazuki - Hanazuki overwhelmed with cuteness  
IvoryTears's avatar
I can't wait!! :squee:
Gatcha's avatar
It's absolutely exquisite! :love: I can't wait until your comic is printed and I can own a copy! :heart:
SoLoretta's avatar
thanks!! pushing as hard as i can =)
Khadrimx's avatar
Love the edit! Can't wait! :D
SoLoretta's avatar
World-at-peace's avatar
Serenity is astonishingly pretty and looks so mysterious! Like a goddess. :iconathena-stock: :iconultimatekitsune: This is positively amazing.
celine123456789's avatar
Can I translate your manga into French ? I'll link it back and give you credit
SoLoretta's avatar
sure no problem. please link back and let me see.

Kairui-chan's avatar
Your art is great already! o wob
Selena2011's avatar
can I will translate your manga into Russian?
SoLoretta's avatar
thats no problem as long as you link back to me so I can see.

cxalena's avatar
Omg, you're a hero to draw such a long and complicated project so far!
I really enjoy your story!
Neala-Ernswa's avatar
There are many elequent and thoughtful ways I could discribe this art, but I think I'll be blut.

skratch2005's avatar
I love how well your style shows the innocence and beauty of usagi :3
KittyKayThunder's avatar
are you working on coloring cause this is awesome!
SoLoretta's avatar
hum...its colored already..
KittyKayThunder's avatar
no i meant the other pages of your comic ^^
SoLoretta's avatar
ohh haha going to leave it black and white and only the 1st page will be would take me forever if i colored everything..
KittyKayThunder's avatar
lol true but I love your coloring though ^^
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