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design by Adobe illustartor
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Very nice tag.. and Hey i was wondering if would mind joining my Gfx Forum (Site)
And sharing some of your work and possibly becoming and active member ... and maybe even staff (If your active)

Looking for some experienced gfx artist to re-build my Lost community
I would really appreciate it if you register and share some of your work ...thanks again the link is below if needed
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Love it. Has a funky feeling to it. Good job.
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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
أنا أرسلت ليكي ميل امبارح بخصوص تعاون بينا باذن الله في غلاف قصص للأطفال
من الميل التالي:
في انتظار ردك لو فيه إمكانية التعاون
جزاكم الله خيراً
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عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركات
انا موصلنيش اى حاجة من حضرتتك
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أنا بعت الميل تاني امبارح, ياريت تراجعيه في الجانك
أو ترسلي لي ميل بحيث أقدر أرد عليكي...
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I sent u the mail again and added u to messenger, hope to co-operate together :)
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May be went to the junk mail?
Would you pls send me an email on, and I will reply to you.
Thanks a lot
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This is awesome!
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thx sooooooooooo much
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thx soooooooo much
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its pretty epic, only thing that bothers me is that language is kind of hard to read.
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thx soooooooooo much
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I like it a lot, but "language" is really hard to read, had to stare at it for a bit. Otherwise nice!
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انا عاجبني دا اكتر واحد
solo-designer's avatar
شكرا ليك
وطبعا دة اختلاف اذواق
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thx it's was very nice i like it
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my pleasure sister
your work is really beautiful
wish you always the best :rose:
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