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Headshot Art Trades?! - Closed


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Headshot Art Trades?! - Closed


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tiger OTA [closed]


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Late ride- YCH-closed


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Point commissions (new prices) -CLOSED-

 Update II:  Added new Rules and description on the type of commission. Update II:  Added 10 :points: for each type and no speedpaint for commissions, because I haven't the program for do them. Update I:  I put the example of every kind of commission.  THE RULES: About the commission i often draw wolves, dragon and dogs, but I do also other animals. i draw people. i don't do sexual themes. i'm not very good with the chibi, but i can try. :bulletgreen: I start to work on commission  only after you paid me. About the deviant that ask me the commission :bulletred: Don't ask me always when I will finish the job. If you want


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| commission info |

Commission info 2020 To order a commission, please, use this form: - type of commission you want (for ex. flat colored chibi / fullbody without / with simple BG, etc.) - type of shading (cell shading / soft shading) and style (cartoon / semi-realistic) - your character reference sheet  / good images - description of what do you want to see (mood / atmosphere) or it's up to the artist - your PayPal for invoice --- READ THIS, PLEASE • What I draw: - almost all kind of animals & birds, mythic creatures, anthro animals, humans (sometimes), erotic, some kind of fetishes, NSFW art (+$20 to the price!) • What I don't draw: - mec

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How I draw Whitetail Deer (heads)


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Design Guide: Piebald

Click here to go back to the Design Guide Handbook Markings and guides belong to Tokotas ( PiebaldPbPb/nPb Piebald leaves large white areas on the coat, ranging from minimal to extensive coverage. At minimum, piebald must cover at least 50% of the visible tokota; piebald on the 'other side' does not count for this figure. Maximum piebald must simply reveal a bit of the tokota beneath it - you cannot use piebald to mimic an albino, for instance! Piebald covers all markings, including marked. However, flecking may optionally show above or below piebald. Piebald does not show on melanistic or luecistic tokotas. Here is a quick guide on how t


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F2U Coding- Cactus

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roe skull (free to use)

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[C] .:Our furry group:.


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Proud of my Friends

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Canine Template

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