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.: F2U Divider Feathers Silver

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Could I use this on a site called Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki? With proper credit and such, of course.

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Could I use this on a website called Lioden? With credit provided of course ♥
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Mind if I use this in a Google Doc that's only linked to through dA?
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May I recolor it in black? I'll still credit you
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Any chance I could use this on the site Furry-Paws for a divider for a litter preview i'm doing? If not, thats totally fine!
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You have my permission. Thanks for asking!
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Thank you soo much! I appreciate it :D 

The divider goes really well with the coding/theme and there seems to be nothing else that fits with it, lmao.
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What do you mean exactly?
And also keep in mind these was made in 2014 and I don't do much pixels anymore after art program
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Uh.... wow.

This comment was posted to a totally different submission so I have NO idea why it showed here.  
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Oh well I guess that also happens. No worries
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Using, thanks you ! :)
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I love it! it goes nicley with my background
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