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Windows 10 UI Concept

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As windows 7 support comes to an end, I find I must turn to windows 10. Here's hoping a port of your Placebo skins make it to 10. I've been using your skins for many years and they are the absolute best.

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wow this is so beautifullllllllll!!!
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Be or not to be ... a new theme ?
Project NEON, everyone?
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Still hoping that some Microsoft guys get a look at it this UI. It's far more beautiful and modern than what we have now on Win10.
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lol so nice :o u already coded a software? I'd pretty like to use it! *_*
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Amazing concept =)
Could you make a theme for this... When I first saw this picture I was in awe- but now it looks as if we won't be seeing this amazing interface in windows 10. I just think that it would be amazing if there could be a theme for this.
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that looks nice! wallpaper anywhere?
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Absolutely beautiful, although I prefer the Windows 8.1 start button - If this concept essentially became Windows 10 I would pay good money for it. Well done - It's amazing, although a little stark of icons :)
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great design !
how you change your pc like that? i want it please..:D
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Impressive concept man :) I'm looking forward to see more !
Congrats, a very good job, I really hope Windows 10 will have your ideas (so far the official preview is so.... boring :( )

As Tailslol0 said.... do a START concept.... the official one is terrible :ppp (but thanks Microsoft for putting back the "start" ^_^ )... and icons... and transparency... ok, design all Windows interface please :ppp
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This is so beautifully perfect.  Microsoft needs to hire you STAT.
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can you make a version with visible start menu? and with a program ordering closer to win 7 than the alphabetical one win 10 is using?
thanks you.
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Voted for. Amazing design. Clean, and not overcluttered
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A wonderful theme you made here ! Clap Heart 

I see some work of Google and Apple in it, with the white/black blur in the title bar and some random area, on notification and contextual menu ; the Libraries / This PC background that looks like GDrive / GMail webapps and the scroolbar of Chrome.La la la la 

I awaits Microsoft especially on the design of Windows 10, I really hope they will recede from (in my pov, too flat) Metro UI.:happybounce: 
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nice concept
just beautiful
hope microsoft incorporates this in windows 10 rtm
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Hope this concept will become one of amazing themes for Windows 7/8/8.1
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Pretty awesome new design for Win 10 UI concept
Fantastic.. I voted for your design on Uservoice (for Windows 10).. You've got quite a following there, and by God they'd better call you..
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