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Daily Deviation
December 6, 2010
the suggester said: "Placebo for Windows 7 by ~SolMiler is without a doubt one of the best themes available for Windows 7. It's dark, clean and smooth. I love this theme so much that i'm actually using it on all 3 of my Windows 7 computers!"
Featured by OtisBee
Suggested by bgjerlowdesigns
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Placebo for Windows 7

for Windows 7 x86 & x64 SP1
created by Solmiler

06/Dec/10 :) :) :) WOW! It is really a great feeling to receive a Daily Deviation.
Thank you *bgjerlowdesigns and `OtisBee for suggesting and featuring it.
I couldn't be happier!!! :D :D :D

More Previews:

Borderless 1 Borderless 2 Borderless 3 Cold Light Zero

This VS is intended for Windows 7. It's tested and working on both 32 and 64-bit versions.
Updated for SP1.

- Eight Visual Styles.
- Additional borderless versions
- Support for top, bottom and left taskbar,
- Two different fonts: Windows default Segoe UI font and s smaller Calibri font.
- Basic version of every style.
- Support for Theme resource changer - no changing
of system files is necessary.

Additional System Files - SHELL32.dll and WMPLOC.dll can be downloaded HERE: [link]
System files are updated for SP1.

INSTALLATION: Detailed instructions can be found in the included README file

IMPORTANT! Do not use UxStyle it has stopped working and keeps reverting custom themes to basic. Use UniversalThemePatcher instead: [link]

Icons used in preview: Icon Pack 2 by ~aablab and JONGHYUNPARK Exp.+2 by ~jpyss

Walls by *ether

Created by Solmiler
Licensed under Creative Commons

Check out my other Visual Styles:

Seven and a Half

Glass Onion
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omg this is so good!

Fantastic work, thank you so much :)

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It works on win10?

Many thanks! More themes for Windows 7. Bored to death of Windows 10

Greets from Poland.Nice theme.Thank you for your work.

It works on win10?

Ashtry my choose :)

Thanks You!

Thank you for this Theme.

Great theme! Also thank you for letting us know about UxStyle, I was tearing my hair out!

Thank you very much for this wonderful Theme!:)

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What if I want to have my icons just like yours? and not just the default windows icons
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I applied this theme (using the Angst BASIC).

Loved everything about it except for one issue:

In Windows Explorer, the left plane selected folder was "dark grey with white text" but the right pane of the window was not the same. It seemed clear with a simple outline on files I selected. See the snippet here:…

Is it meant to be like that?

I was hoping to see selected files in the right pane as you do in the left pane with a selected folder.

pete-agreatguy's avatar
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The download link is off  :(
luis0henrique's avatar
Now it's working!! :D
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