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New visual style added to Glass Onion - Noon

Icons: Icon Pack 2 by ~aablab
JONGHYUNPARK Exp.+2 by ~jpyss ,
JPorn Needs You by ~j3concepts ,
Token by ~brsev

IMG Viewer is Zeed

Walls from Wallbase, I would like to know and credit the authors, so please post a link if you do.

TOP: [link]


Simple Media 1.1 by ~lilshizzy
The Corner Ribbon by ~Editor02.
Black 'n' White clock is NFR

MTV CAD edit NFR mod of MTV Base

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dizzyhurricane29's avatar
how do you make your icons in the middle? (awesome theme btw!)
psychoPeople's avatar
hey may I know what photo viewer you're using? No buttons and such. Btw, all your screenshots are amazing!
SolMiler's avatar
Thanks. It's Image Eye [link]
RibhuStiffler's avatar
can i get the walpaper down ?
scorpiolucy's avatar
really don't know how to use。。。。。。
99xpress's avatar
link to the second wall.... [link] :D
montejanno's avatar
hello.. excuseme as change the color of the cd art .. mine is blue..???
IKariDing's avatar
Finally I found the second wallpaper.:frustrated:
Everybody checks here [link] 8-)
99xpress's avatar
link to the second wall ?
maomao430's avatar
two wallpaper down?
fm23's avatar
Another excellent theme by you- thanks a lot for sharing
SolMiler's avatar
milanioom's avatar
Gotivno je brate,ali su ti slova baš sitna.
SolMiler's avatar
Ima dve verzije calibri i segoe(normalan font) :wave:
AndreTM's avatar
thats so cool! :D
kick3r's avatar
How did you get that text under the ribbon? I have the ribbon working, but when I try to make it work with something, for example Shutdown, it doesn't work :/ do you have your own config or from somewhere?
SolMiler's avatar
I modded it to display the menu when clicked. I have sent the cfg file to the author so maybe he will release it.
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