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Preview of the new VS that is going to replace misfortunate Daydream VS :P It's redone completely, I am really proud of the way it turned out.

Download here:

walls: [link] and [link]

Icons: [link] and [link]





and modified Enigma



Second one is NFR mod of [link]
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how do i download this theme?
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what´s the picture viewer?
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how did you lose the dotted mark on the taskbar D: help pls?
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i just found the answer XD sorry
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hello.. excuseme as change the color of the cd art.. mine is blue ...???
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Howdo you get the icons in the middle on the taskbar
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Great stuff! Love the skin, looks beautiful on 30" of screen space. Out of curiosity, how do you get your task bar buttons centered like that? I've seen a couple people doing that, but no one every says how.
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Thanks. Simple but effective.
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thanks :D did you know how to transparent the start menu ??
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can you say me what font is it by the clock on the first desktop???
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It is called PixelFont, it is included with the skin here: [link]
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i have one word for u "SEXY"..!! amazing keep it up..!!
and plz do tell me how u create it. :)

could you make the shadow little beat dark?

sorry for my english i'm italian....
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Sorry, i found out how to change the color of the selected text like i said. Now your theme will permanently stay on my pc and it gets a 10 out of 10. Great job!
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Hei, how to make the clock look like 3D o.o

Btw, nice deskie :D
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How did you make the hour on the second picture? (It's not only white, but pink-yellow-blue)
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Ooh. I found the answer.
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wats ur image viewer?
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gooooddddd, man what is the app you use for image preview?
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tnks man!!! i try de app
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