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We're stronger now

By SolKorra
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They grew up so fast D':

Badass Matt by SolKorra  Katie!! by SolKorra  Lance in snow by SolKorra #VoltronPidgeBirthday by SolKorra  Lance: The Shooter by SolKorra 

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rayray200Student Artist
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FandomTrash1221Student Digital Artist
I really like this drawing! I like how it shows how Pidge and Matt developed as characters over time
Super-Weirdo's avatar
Super-WeirdoHobbyist Traditional Artist
This picture is awesome! Love it!
AdrenalineRush1996's avatar
You were spot on to what Matt would look like in he reunited with his sister.
Unkownbrony52's avatar
These siblings have been through hell and back. And now they are badasses!
DinoLover09's avatar
DinoLover09Hobbyist General Artist
I think they should have made Matt and Pidge twins.
Indigo81's avatar
I have a this bad feeling that when Pidge finally does meet up with her brother he'll have changed and not for the better.

I mean, he's been through a lot.

He could have PTSD.

He might have a worse hatred for Galra than Allura.

He might lose it and try to kill Keith.
Starseeker1204's avatar
Starseeker1204Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankfully, the canon series did not let any of that happen.

No sign of PTSD whatsoever, and he was busted out of captivity fairly early anyway.

Allura's hate towards the Galra has pretty much fizzled out by now.

Given the end of Season 4, Keith nearly killed himself for the sake of the mission. Odds are, Matt's fine with Keith being around.
Indigo81's avatar
Could've been a great story arc though. 
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I just hope the Holts will be reunited...
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Obxidious63Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so touching..
SolarSaros's avatar
Oh no.... Rebel Matt is hot
Chess-Kitten's avatar
Chess-KittenHobbyist General Artist
Ciertamente que crecieron, cada uno enfrentando su propio camino. Me encanta como van evolucionando las expresiones!
LadyMagicfairy's avatar
I'm loving this and I love these characters, it captures them perfectly! So far, Matt has only been mentioned a few times but I can't wait to finally see him action, it's gonna be epic!!🤓
Miup's avatar
MiupHobbyist General Artist
Oh damn the feelings from this q-q, this is beautiful !
br4ndonm4rio's avatar
br4ndonm4rioHobbyist Traditional Artist
That moment when you forget she was really a girl
sky99hunter's avatar
sky99hunterHobbyist General Artist
As you always very well represent your expressions of joy to determination very well!
And I always love your painted!
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ZydenProfessional Digital Artist
bad ass
JackieStarSister's avatar
JackieStarSisterProfessional General Artist
I think this is my favorite of all your Voltron art! I love how you show their parallel growth.

Do you think you'll make pieces like this for other characters? I know not all of them have as detailed backstories or as many changes in appearance, but I can see this concept working for Shiro and Keith, or Alfor and Coran.
dgrvyfdh65651's avatar
dgrvyfdh65651Student Writer
Is it ture?
Poor Pidge.QwQ
SkyDreamer-Nya's avatar
SkyDreamer-NyaStudent General Artist
crystalpony32's avatar
crystalpony32Student Digital Artist
Thepenguinrapist's avatar
ThepenguinrapistHobbyist Writer
I absolutely love this piece as it shows the development that the Holt siblings have been forced to undergo through their tragedies. Katie started out just a regular teenage girl who became a spy, who in turn became a warrior and a hero. Matt started as an explorer, becoming a slave, becoming a freedom fighter. The three stages they've gone through are perfectly represented here. Your work perfectly embodies this.  
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DelpheneLightfootHobbyist General Artist
I LOVE THIS PIECE!!! One leaked pic and DA be like MATT HOLT'S BACK Y'ALL!!!
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