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Castlevania: Trevor Belmont


OMG the last friday with a friend, watched Castlevania in Netflix and IS SO SO SO AMAZING!

I love so much Trevor, he is so perfect x333333333333

  Commission: Tyla by SolKorra  Samurai Allura by SolKorra  Nanashi II by SolKorra  FMA Brotherhood: Riza Hawkeye by SolKorra  FMA Brotherhood: Roy Mustang by SolKorra

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Love it! Trevor is such a badass.

OMG netflix version of Trevor is INCREDIBLE right?! I mean I say this as a 100% Dracula fan but he is just made of smexi! XD
I like hint that Trevor will find the best weapon in season 2, but you have to guess what it is 😁😁
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"My family: the family you demonized and excommunicated, has fought and died through generations for this country. We do this thing... for Wallachia, and her people. We don't have to know you all. We do it anyway. And it's not the dying that frightens us; it's never having stood up and fought for you. I'm Trevor Belmont. Of the House of Belmont. And dying... has never frightened me."

Easily one of my favorite speeches from the show, favorite moments even. That right there cemented Trevor as my favorite character in the series, even beating out Dracula and Blue Fangs.
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Stuff like this makes me feel so happy to see how much a character has changed over the years. Very beautiful art.
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oh me gowdness!! the lightning! the pose, the expression and the overall tension that the picture conveys!!La la la la it's all soo beautiful I'm about to cry Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]     
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hahaha, you really fell in love with him, isn'it?   :icondragonkekeplz:

Gorgeous work, Sol. Grats for the new husbando   :icongreatjobplz:
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Seeing you improve over the years.  :heart:
I love the blurs in the image.  shows speed.
Face express is awesome.  he is pissed.
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Trevor is a really interesting character (heck, all of them are... especially Alucard (I kinda find him hot :blush:))
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Trevor totally makes me laugh. I should do some fan art sometime!
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there he go
the snarky husbando
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I agree. He is a cutie.
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:0 Love this Trevor art! :D
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I love this guy, he's awesome 
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