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Assassin in The Shadows

Finally I finished this piece, I used it for do some experiments of new forms of paint and playing with the shadows and lights. I work only in one layer ^^
Hope you like it!!

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iRinda's avatar

I adore the lighting and colors on this!

May I use this picture as a profile pic on one of my public Spotify playlists? I'll credit you in the playlist description.

Rosbeef's avatar
Really dramatic lighting, I love it :)
Uberbagel101567's avatar
I hope that Desert Eagle has a suppressor or she won't be an "assassin" for very long. She looks phenomenal however.
snoopdoudydog's avatar
love it a lot !!!!
LYZbie's avatar
Wow I love this a lot. The colouring job is phenomenal here.
Yamikou's avatar
LIGHTNING, very awesomee omg
LadyMagicfairy's avatar
This is really impressive! I didn't know you could such realistic works,although I'm not a fan of sexualized warrior characters at all...
ichihime96's avatar
This Piece is amazing! I love her outfit so much! Love Love 
DeoxysRibonuke's avatar
...Why does that belt remind me of a futuristic chastity belt?

Seriously, though, that's poster-level!
saber360's avatar
Unreal-Forever's avatar
WOW!:icondragonwant:, que cambio de estilo tan grande!:icondragontail3:, cuando vi esto me dije ¿esto es de Sol?, que bueno ver que puedas hacer cosas así :icondragonnod1:
¿Dime que se siente al notar que se pueden hacer cosas así después de estar muy acostumbrado a hacer tu estilo más usado? , no es algo como "-Desconozco mis límites" :icondragonkekeplz:
Muy bien por ti, sigue así hermanita! :icondragonhug:
allisonv1710's avatar
Wonderful work Madam, thank you for sharing !
BIOCITY2's avatar
Yolashillinia's avatar
I like how the more I look at it, the more details I see.
Ghost825's avatar
All on one layer?....Awesomesauce! Great job with the above lighting, probably from a small source since there's not much of it on the bottom. Still able to see lots of details even from the darker areas.
FallenAngelGM's avatar
By far one of your best work!
G33kATr0id94's avatar
My god, this is amazing! I love it so much!! ;o: Heart 
SonjaSorgenkind's avatar
Can you please tell me how you pick your color schemes? I always love yours!
An assassin would not have all of those red lights about them.  
RedTail41's avatar
lili-tomato's avatar
the abiant is fantastic :) 
MartinSiilak's avatar
 Very beautiful ;) Pretty good inspiration for a monday evening 
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