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Animation Test Sol vs Kan-I

Well, the other day, I did a little animation for a work for class, and this was the first thing I could do XD

Yeah, too is the first time Sol is bending other element :O


I hope you like it!! :D

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This is so beautifully choreographed. Good job!
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Really like the inspired animation from the Legend of Korra series. Have you done animating Earth bending yet?… something like this?
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I love your animations. They're so freaking awesome!
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Nice! Se echaban en falta tus animaciones. Te quedan geniales   :icondragonxd:
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what program you use, Flash?
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Nop, I used SAI and Photoshop, but the last only for the frame time configuration (in the description are ever the programs I used for the piece)
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Way past awesome animation 
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Yes! I love your animations! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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Oh wow, so nice! Great job! :D
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Yaay, Sol is waterbending! La la la la Amazing animation!Heart 
Beautiful!! One of htem looks ready for The Hunger Games.
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"May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor..."

Avatar Sol: Time to Even the Odds!
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OMG I love this! Nicely done the action is well paced and it's great to see Sol bend another element. Speaking of which, who is Sol's airbending teacher?

Wish I could do animation as good as this for my characters. :)
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Love it! I can almost hear the splash at the end :D
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