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Team Takumi

By Solkeera
The contrast between the two games was brutal.

Takumi and his two retainers were among my favourite characters in Birthright, so it was kind of heartbreaking to have to fight against them in Conquest :(...

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Truth being, I actually played Conquest first, when I got to Birthright I was a little wary of having them on my team, but when I played Revelations, I got used to them.
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God, the second panel almost gave me a heart attack! They looked so bright and cheerful in the first one but then... Gah!
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Then you got Revelations. Revelation Takumi is even less hostile and less of a jerk than Birthright Takumi, and that says a lot...  Since in both Birthright and Conquest he is possessed, I highly believe that how he acted in Revelation is his TRUE personality all along. 
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Yep, I just finished Revelation and I agree with you. He even gets along with Leo & co by the end of the story, I was pleasantly surprised !
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Heck, all other royal foil pairs doesn't interact that much. Only Leokumi who got another convo for the Nohrian Festival DLC. Also Revelations reveals that Takumi's personality is indeed have childish streak that sometimes he shows he wanted to play (like the Museum and Beach DLC), and that he is more accepting and curious to Nohrian stuff (Nohrian Festival  DLC and his supports with Leo and Elise. Even in Elises's support he is a tsundere about it, calling isn't interested in Nohrian crap after saying it's fascinating, heh) . 

Then after all those funny and heartwarming DLC in Revelation there is Heirs of Fate DLC. Where all the fathers are killed when protecting their children in their Deeprealms. And then zombiefied by Anankos, to fight their own kid.  The reason why Takumi hurts more  even though Kiragi's optimisim is as painful as the other second gen princes, HE HAVE THE FUCKING SKADI. The bow he has  Conquest's final boss, when Xander, Leo, Ryoma all equips generic weapons as water zombie Vallites. My poor kokoro. Fuck you INTsys. 

And because I like pain, I am on  my way to reteling Heirs of Fate 6 with the water zombie dads is conscious but with twisted mind like Mikoto, Sumeragi and Arete. And adds Corrin to the fray because he/she the only one missing from that map. Please do not slap me. 
I hated that Chapter. So much.
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Me too. (Sob) If his body hadn't dissolved I'd have given it a proper burial. ;_;
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Best game ever <3
Takumi-sama !
Solkeera's avatar
Best game yes ! I've yet to play revelations, but Birthright and Conquest were both excellent in their own ways and I can't wait to play the third installment
(et là je vois qu'en fait t'es française lol)
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C'est rien ça arrive tout le temps sur DA xD
Oui c'est vrai que pour l'instant je suis sur Héritage mais je pourrais pas résister à Conquête x').
En tout cas c'est bon d'assister à la renaissance d'une série comme Fire Emblem.
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The overall atmosphere is so much darker in Conquest ! It surprised me.
SiamesePawlerNeko's avatar
it is, the hoshidans are head strong though instead to listen xd
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yeah ! At first I felt bad siding for Nohr, since they were depicted as the bad guys of the story somehow (and I'm not a "bad guys" kind of person xD)
But in the end their I found myself feeling more comfortable at their side, because they actually questionned their decisions and criticized the war, whereas the Hoshidans acted kind of self-righteous throughout it all...
But fighting against Takumi was still awful >.< !
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Ca me soulage, ce que tu dis sur la transition entre le moment où tu abordes Conquest, et l'évolution de l'histoire... j'avais la même appréhension (au point de ne pas laisser D-chan jouer à Conquest tant que je n'avais pas défriché le terrain) ^^
Solkeera's avatar
Oui, au niveau de la "moralité" c'est assez équivalent finalement !
Mais attention quand même, Conquest reste vachement plus glauque que Birthright niveau ambiance, surtout vers le dernier tiers de l'histoire (il y a du Major Characters Death assez sinistre...)
crystalkey's avatar
Bé, moi, dans BirthRight, je sais pas si **** est mort pour de bon (le coup de la falaise)... ça m'embeterait, j'avais pas eu le temps de l'apparier ^^;

Tes remarques sur Conquest me font dire que je vais ptet pas laisser D-chan y jouer... en espérant que Revelations ira (mais alors, pour la faire patienter, c'est une autre histoire... d'autant qu'elle est quasi au même niveau que moi sur Birthright, si ce n'est plus car là, c'est elle qui a la cartouche, et elle me la rend que jeudi (rapport à ce qu'elle veut montrer le jeu à ses amies, je sens d'avance le regard lourd des mères au portail de l'école >.< ). Et puis, elle n'utilise pas toutes les subtilités du jeu (genre moi ds Awakening qui me suis retrouvée avec mon héros apparié par hasard XD ). Bref, mets-toi vite sur Révélations pour me dire si on a enfin droit à un happy ending cette fois !!!
A moins que D-chan recoive enfin le Pokemon Donjon Mystery qui a été volé en cours de route le printemps dernier... *croise les doigts*

<-- s'en va planquer Conquest
SiamesePawlerNeko's avatar
i fully understand, i took the first route of hoshido and then followed nhor.. wel pretty smart cause they kill the evil from inside out aside how hoshido fights
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