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By Solkeera
Caleb fell onto some barbed wire during a mission.
I put this setting together for the 7th episode of Ignition, in my own bathroom ;D
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I've been silently watching your dA since I first joined in 2005, and still your work never ceases to amaze me. Whether it's the BJD work, comics, or paintings, you are very solid in your art and your passion shows. This is one such example. No detail is left unnoticed. While you could have done with much less and achieved the same meaning, the level of detail makes this very immersive. Thank you, Solkeera, for sharing with us on dA.
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*keeps staring and remains speechless*
Impressed and confused XD
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Meeeuuuh c'est rien ça ;)

... il lui arrivera bien pire dans le turfu *rire sarcastique*
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j'ai hâte de lire :D
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Wow! I'm dying looking at all those props! <3
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I'm addicted to 1/3 scaled props, can you tell ;D
Although most of the furniture is made of random objects that I alter somehow to fit my purpose (like, the sink used to be my guinea-pig's food tray, and Caleb's seat is the box where I normally store my cotton pads, haha...)
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Me too! XD I love finding little things. I've been away from the hobby for over a year so I stopped looking and the stuff I had, most of them, had to be left in Japan ;;.  I had this dog bed that was perfect for 70cm dolls and I thought I would find here but no. :(

That sink is fab and all the little details! You're inspiring me to go build things now XD
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ooooooooooooowww é_è bebiiiiiiiiii !!
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Ben ouais mais quelle idée de faire de l'urbex dans le noir aussi u_u
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pour le thrill !! Je comprends maiiiis bébiiiiii ....
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