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If you know the Swedish language and love my little ponies, this might be a book you would want to buy, read and admire: "My Little pony: den inofficiella boken om det svenska samlandet" by Mina Hansson :)

Just saying! X3

It is absolutely lovely! :D

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Not very active because of eclipse. Every time I intend to check things out I get overwhelmed by the lack of order and that everything seems to scream "LOOK AT ME!"

See you when they get things sorted out - and preferably have a version for people on computers! Or maybe on another site in the future, who knows? (But I don't really feel like 'starting all over' again XD)

Hope you all will have a fine summer! : )

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I want to draw more pony pictures, but I have no ideas of fun they can have D:

Help dropping some ideas/events someone? :heart:

I have one inspired by "theme party".
Sports maybe?
Or some other daily activity?

Help? :heart:
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So. Another year? They keep on coming and going, never asking permission to do so! :faint:

Last years art-plan failed. But since I started drawing more for fun I ended up making a lot more pictures at the end of 2016. And that is a win! :D
Didn't show more then half of all the arts (or less) since the other half is "naughty" art :rofl:

I've been doing some sketchy comics last year and that feels great. :)
Later on I hope to find a style that is somewhat quick and looks okay so I can continue with my Opalond VII comic. Homepage will most likely be abandoned and I will find some place else to post the comic. Don't really like the idea that all my work will be gone the same year I can't pay for it any more (also the submit-system is badly done compared to my needs and I don't have the energy to redo it).
Maybe I won't bother posting at all, and instead let the comic be for just me and let it go wild and crazy just for the fun of it :D

My only art-plan for 2017: Draw only for the fun! :la:
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Got tagged by :iconyokufo:
I seldom do tags, but how could I resist one about Opalond VII? :3

I think the rules where something like this:
1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 characters and their creators (Solkatt: yeah, right, as if XD)
3. Post the characters names and their creator's avatars.

I choose to write these slightly in Opalond's interest, I hope you will see the humour rather then the less friendly tone that goes through most of these facts ;)

How about a charming smile? by Solkatt *Adds an image for the right feeling from their spoiled majesty Opalond VII*

8 facts about Opalond VII
1. He does not like to talk about himself. He also does not like to talk about you. He rather have not to hear about you at all.

2. He does not like to be touched. But that does not mean he has problems touching you, he will if needed. Might happen in a nasty way if you try to touch him.

3. Best way to be safe around Opalond VII is to either be very useful to him or to be as far away as possible. If in an emergency, you may try complimenting him with telling him how bad, mean or horrible he is (don't use too many words!). That ususally distracts his ego, hopefully long enough for you to escape.

4. This guy comes and goes as he likes. He does what he likes whenever he likes and the other way around. He is very spoiled. So it might come as a surprise to some that he washes some of his clothes himself. Somehow some selected parts of his wardrobe tends to get missing otherwise... Let's not mention what type of clothes it is.

5. One of the things he do LIKE to do is train and exercise. He is way more flexible than he would ever show off. One of the reasons he trains so much is probably because he is a bit obsessed with control.  Running is one of his favourite ways to drain energy.

6. He might seem harmless in his lazy attitude towards others. Control gives that impression. This is the guy who happily killed his parents when he was five years old. He would still be killing left to right if he had not come to the conclusion that it eventually might mean more work for him.
Again, being useful is a good thing.

7. In Opalond's mind he owns all of his people, there just isn't another set of mind available. Many of his people find him attractive, so they don't mind. They have hopes...

8. Opalond is considered a bad guy among his people. Many of them would be surprised to learn that he never lies. He lacks that kind of imagination. But more commonly, he doesn't even answer or tell at all.
Do you have any questions for him? He does not want to hear them!

I tag: (you don't have to do it)
:iconleesaga:'s Ulio, because he is awesome!
:icongwendelyn:'s Laverne, she is such a mean badguy!
:iconcarlstedtmattias:'s Thornblossom, there is a lady with a very interesting design!

I could have named some more, but I'm uncertain about how active the characters have been. I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on anyone XD
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